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This is a reverse amnesia story.
January 21 2018


Well, besides the visual, is it’s a fricking health hazard. Here’s the deal.  While I’ve been busy trying to meet my writing commitments on all fronts, Honey has offered to pitch in and help. How you may ask? He’s cooking.

I know, I’m stunned too. Here’s a culinary smattering of what’s been going on.

This is me an hour past the time when we usually sit down to eat. “What time’s dinner?”
Honey. “When the rice is done.”
My stomach’s grumbling. “Great, we’re having rice? What else are we having?”
“Baked potatoes and pork chops.”
I walk away, biting my tongue and hide the scales. Hell-low starch overload. Welcome to my thighs.

Two nights later:

Honey calls from the kitchen, “There’s something wrong with the chicken.”
This is me. *sniff, sniff* “Chicken? It smells like burning plastic.”
He sounds aggravated. “I know that, and I also know roast chicken’s not supposed to smell like that. At least yours doesn’t.”
You know I have to get up to investigate. “Well, something’s burning. Did you take off all the wrapping?”
He glares. “I’m not two. Of course I took it off.”
*Insert me thinking here* before I ask,  “What about the bag inside the bird. Did you take that out?”
“F*&ing h*&ll there’s a bag in the stupid thing? Do you have these secrets written down somewhere or something?”
I smile blandly. “If I wrote them down they wouldn’t be secrets, now would they? So, um, big fat no on that I’m afraid.”

Last night:

There’s me staring down at my white plate, my white fish, my white rice and my white potato. “Do you have something against vegetables, or what?”
He examines his plate. “What do you mean? A potato is a vegetable and there’s red and green peppers in the rice.”
I narrow my eyes at him. “You know what I mean. I always make a balanced dinner. Rice and potato? It’s like the same thing. Starch and starch. And, I hardly think a few bits of mushy red and green pepper in the rice counts as a serving, either. I’m not even going to go into why you chose to make Spanish rice with the grilled cod.”
He shrugged. “I had my reasons.”
And I knew what they were – at least one of them. “One of those being because it came in a box with Uncle Ben’s sure fire instructions attached to it?”
He smiled. “Yeah, that guy has no secrets.”
He ponders for a moment and then says, “Actually, no it’s not. It doesn’t have to be. Sure, my dinners aren’t perfectly balanced like yours, but to use one of your writer-type analogies. If art were a straight line we’d have no Picasso.”
Me *Blink. Blink* Damn.

Am I the only one who thinks this makes all kinds of sense?


This is the gang that I went out with on Friday night before the awards. They were a great group of people. Lot’s of laughs and some pretty good insight into industry trends. Don’t let the glam fool you. 🙂

So, if you see yourself – leave a comment. If you don’t, leave a comment. Are you sensing a theme here??? I’ve noticed doing these RWA photo posts no one likes to leave a freaking comment.  Sheesh! I love to read your comments.




LOL! Actually, I’d love to tell you that she was all kinds of high maintenance.  That we had to wait for her to enter the room first – or get the first drink – or demand all the attention at the table, because, let’s face it, someone has to be the diva and quite frankly, I do get weary having to keep up with the job. 😉 BUT, Maisey wasn’t like that at all. She was fun and down-to-earth and talked so fast it’s no wonder she can crank out those Presents Books at the speed she does. 😉

So, there we were in the lounge one night. There was Roni Loren, Jamie Wesley, Ashley March, Julie Cross, myself, and Maisey. We sat shooting the publication breeze. You know, how publishers are awesome and editors are god’s and goddess’s and agents…well, *sigh* they are our heroes. When Maisey comes out with this story that made me choke on my Sangria.

Did I mention that Maisey has a wicked sense of humor? She does. It’s killer. Here’s the conversation:

I guess I should preface this by saying that we were discussing interesting comments that had been made in the deal making progress or in the story editing process of publication. So here’s Maisey speaking with her editor. (Who I have to mention is VERY English so when you read her part of the dialogue you have to affect the accent.<- that’s the deal)

Maisey to editor: “You wanted to discuss my fabulous hero?”

Editor to Maisey: “Yes, he’s a little uncivilized I should think.”

Maisey: “He’s an alpha male. They’re all uncivilized.”

Editor: “He has too many erections.”

Maisey: “What?”

Editor: “Maisey, he’s thirty six years old. He should be able to control himself.”

LMAO!!!! But then Maisey went on to say that she did a search for the word and, as it turned out?  Her hero had as many erections as he’d had birthdays. Which you know, wouldn’t be so bad if she were writing epic length novels. 😉

Here’s Maisey trying to be the diva

She really was a good sport!

We had fun.  Good times.


There was plenty to see and do at the conference besides workshops and agent/editor appointments. For instance:

Here’s Christine Bell being nonchalant while I try to snap a shot of the most annoying woman in the world. We were sitting having drinks at The View restaurant, when this…this very inebriated women wouldn’t stop shouting. It was bad. Really, really bad. That’s why we tried to get a picture of her, but, um, much like the Naked Oyster Cowboy she proved to be elusive.


Then later we went to the Readers for life literacy. We met a whole slew of online author friends and here’s Chris buying her books.

It was really busy in the room too! They raised a good amount $$’s for literacy. Woo Hoo! Here’s what the room looked like.

Next we went to the bar and those photos are currently chilling out in the vault – ready to be released when those (who shall remain nameless) get famous and I can make some real $$’s with them. 🙂

And finally,  we took to the streets. It was crazy busy for a Tuesday night…But Christine still looked good didn’t she? Notice the shoes. Please for the love-of-god, notice her shoes! She suffered for such beauty I tell you. 😉

LOL! I had to edit this shot to get it into the post and her freaking toe biters were cut off. Ugh, I’ll go see if I can crop them and post the shot. Shessh, the things I do for my friends… 😉


Meh, okay it was worth the effort – they are smexy



Up front disclaimer: Alicia Condon, from Kensington Publishing was sitting between Ms. Osborn and Ms. Werksman when the following topic was discussed. Ms. Condon said she had nothing to add to their comments, so to my mind, she took the fifth on it. Hence, I will respect her decision to clam-up and leave her out of this. 🙂

Okay, down to the good stuff.  Imagine my surprise when I’m sitting in a crowded workshop and I hear the phrase:

We’ll find you. Oh, we’ll absolutely find you.”

By not one, but two editors.  To say my ears perked up would have been an understatement.

(Think of that bewitched episode when Darinn’s ears were the size of hot-cross buns )

Anyway, I was shocked and delighted all at once, but in order for me to have them find me – I needed three things.

Ingredient one: A state-of-the-art social media platform.

No problem I’ve got this independently run blog don’t I?  Seew, *thinks for a milli-second* I’ll take that as a yes.

Ingredient two: A solid writing presences preferably an author whose been published.

Wow, okay, so this is getting a little tougher. Meh, I’m solid and I publish my own blog posts don’t I? I mean the button that I click says publish on it, doesn’t it? Seew, *I shamelessly refuse to think this one over because if I did, I might change my mind* So, yep. A big YES check-a-reno here.

Ingredient three: The courage to take a bite out of the dangling carrot.

Of which I just did.  Because when two editors say if I talk about them on my blog they’ll know it – they’ll find out – they’ll click on it…well, that’s like saying the unicorn is in the barn and I’m welcome to ride it. 😉


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