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January 21 2018

writer fun 2


My gals were at it again. We all headed up to Georgia for a wedding and they didn’t disappoint. Just a reminder my gals are a group of older women I’m fortunate enough to hang with. They have given me some great inspiration over the years. Here’s a small sample: Introducing A Stupendous Sexual Phrase That Inspires.

Now, this adventure started with the drive. I left a day before them ( as Honey and I had some items I’d designed for the reception area to setup prior to the big event) so my gals were left to their own devices for the trip. Tag line on this would read: Driving Miss Daisy meets Thelma and Louise.

Why you might ask? Well…

They got lost twice. Stopped for lunch twice. <-I know. Apparently one on them wasn’t hungry the first time they stopped, so they had to stop a second time. Finally when they did arrive at the Chateau I wasn’t at all surprised that they crashed our party by arriving in a golf cart. The only problem? There was no hotel attendant driving it. Thankfully I’d had enough wine at this point not to be too concerned about them jacking the cart from the valet lot. 0_o But, I wasn’t too inebriated an hour later when they began discussing whether or not the cart would fit in their room – I knew then that I had to send in the calvary. A.K.A Honey.

He, in his infinite wisdom drove them to their suite and dropped them off so there would be no covert cart parking. (They love Honey, so I figured they’d behave) but the poor guy looked frazzled when he returned. Here’s the conversation I had with him.

“What’s the matter? You got the gals to their room?”

Him sighing, “Yes, but I think we should have invested in some security.”

“What for? This is a five star hotel. You don’t think they’ll be safe?”

He looked right at me. “Them? No, I was thinking about everyone else. Ankle monitors might have been prudent. Those ladies are something else.”

I laughed, hoping he was joking. He wasn’t.

“I’m serious. Really. They needed help with some of their stuff.” He leaned in close and spoke into my ear. “Stuff they didn’t want the door guy to see.”

I leaned back. *blink, blink* “St–stuff?”

“A box full of booze.”

I processed that info with a frown. “Booze?”

“Yup, booze. Lots and lots of booze.”


He shook his head. “They told me they wanted to be prepared and I told them being prepared on a trip meant extra socks and underwear, not a huge case of 40 pounders.”

Again. “Wow.”

“Yeah, wow. When I left, the couple staying next door asked me as I passed by them if the party had started yet.”


“Yes, but that’s not really what’s bothering me.”

Dread crawled up my spine. “What?”

“I heard the phrase: “You remembered to bring the pills?”

Hearing that I breathed easier. “Meh, no worries there. They’re older so they have lots of prescription medications they have to take.”

All he did was stare at me. “I also heard the answer: Sure I did. I brought enough for all of us.”

Okay, at this point I was trying not to smile because I knew they were messing with him. Hilarious. “Don’t worry, I’m sure it will be okay. They’ve made it this far in life, haven’t they?”

Poor Honey grumbled. “Yeah, I guess. Maybe I should have asked if they had anything for heart palpations?”

You see? This is why I love my gals…You go girls!!!!


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