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January 21 2018

iStock_000011313676XSmallI know. I was as shocked to hear this as you guys probably are reading about it, but it’s true. If you missed my tweets yesterday I tweeted about this. A reader who read my book sent me an email and I ran with the funniest line because, quite frankly, I’m all about the fun. And this little portion of her email was funny.

Riley, your ‘10’ page spanking scene lasted longer than my husband does when we have sex. It also got me hotter so I read it to him… (there was more, but ‘nuff said there :))

And, although I thought this was hilarious (Note: she did intend it to be funny I want to make that clear) there was something else in her email that struck me. She cared about what I wrote because it gave her an understanding of something she hadn’t considered before. Oh, I’m not going to go into the long and the short of it, even though it is fascinating, because that would be too specific and this is more a general observation I want to make.

I purposely took two uncomfortable scenes to write (for most writers) and put them front and center in my story. The one is the now infamous, among certain circles, a 10 page spanking scene and the other is a normally unmentioned sex act (that I choose now to slam the back door on *hint, hint*) so as not to offend anyone with this post. 😉 And what did I discover? Most readers took something away from these scenes. Something that transcended the uncomfortable, unmentionable and embarrassing aspects, that are usually associated with these acts. Which got me to thinking…

I wrote in a previous post, prior to writing BDSM, that if you are one hundred percent comfortable with what you’ve put on the page, then you need to go back to your story and do some more digging. Why? Because you haven’t hit pay dirt yet in your characters emotional minefield.

I may have written that before, but until I read this email I hadn’t truly understood what it meant. Thanks to the emails, comments and all around positive feedback I’ve been getting on specifically these two scenes, I do now.

Of course, if you knew how many times I hit the backspace button to take out text from those blocks in Reclaimed Surrender, you’d think I had Tourette syndrome. I’m glad now that I didn’t. Good, bad or shocking it’s the truth the way I see it.

But, um… if my mother, siblings or neighbors are reading this post. I just want to reiterate. I had no choice about what to write. My editor made me do it. 😉

Riley, *who watches Grace Bradley peel herself off the pavement after she’s been thrown*

“Sorry, Grace, a little Spray-n-wash will get those tire skid-marks off your blouse. I’m sure the bus driver didn’t even see you there.” 😉

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