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This is a reverse amnesia story.
January 21 2018

Here is the culprit who caused my little domestic dispute in the wee morning hours…

emma as a baby

Seriously? How can you get mad at that face. Of course, this is the way I see her.


This is the way Honey sees her. (Probably a more accurate depiction)




But that’s beside the point. To set this up, Honey and I had been in bed for a few hours when our little canine creeper snuck into our room. Mind you, she has her own little bed with the best blankets and lamb’s wool—yeah, well never mind about the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on making a “Princess and the Pea” bed for her. Just trust me on this. In a pinch I’d be tempted to sleep in it.

So anyways, she does what she usually does and creeps into our room to sleep on the “emergency” bed (think of this like the pull-out you keep for company) as before I retire for the night I slip this out from under my side of the bed for my girl. (Keep that one under your hats folks, because Honey doesn’t know about it) he just thinks she’s so desperate she’s sleeping on the floor. <- God forbid! Hey, it’s been working for well over two years now, swear.

So there we are last night, both wide away at 4am because out little “princess” has a cold and is snoring like an overweight trucker who tied one on. Of course I’m ignoring our duvet shaking in the ear-split sound waves she’s producing, when Honey’s had enough and orders her to go to her bed. *sniffle* The sad and pathetic sight of her drooping her way out of our room really upset me. I mean, what’s the loss of one night’s sleep so our furry butter-cup can be happy?

Honey wasn’t amused and neither was I. You can bet I was steaming when he started drumming the mattress (for those of you who don’t know about this little habit of his click here). I shoot up on elbow and growl, “Do you mind? Quit doing that. I’m trying to get some sleep.”

I flop back down on my pillow and stare at the ceiling, still in a huff for him kicking my baby’s ass out of our room, when he curls his arm around my waist. I wasn’t going to be sweet-talked. I turned away, but he still hauled me to him so my back was against his front.

“You’re going to call me out for this when the dog’s snoring sounds like a 747 is landing in our room?”

He curled down and kissed my temple, and then cheek, but I remained strong. “Yes.”

“Don’t be mad at me,” he breathed. Then he started to nuzzle my neck while he squeezed me in tight and I was just forgetting about everything until he whispered, “I’m not mad at you for luring her in here every night with the dog bed you hide under ours.”

Dammit. My eyes pop open and I’m left staring at his big hand. Watching his fingers annoyingly tap on the mattress. His message was clear. If I wanted to keep the sneaky hide -a-away for my girl, he got to keep his annoying habit.


Oh, and I guess, by now, you’ve figured out there’s no need to keep that one under your beret anymore, because laissez le chat sur le sac… FYI, I’m trying to master French for no other reason than it drives him crazy. And not in the, Gomez Addam’s to Morticia way either. More like, my Tweety bird to his Sylvester. Why every time I call him a beautiful tree, he thinks I’m swearing at him. *dreamy sigh* Yes, it’s all about inflection. Say it like you mean it.

I’m so bad. Poor guy.



You might call this a snow globe moment, but it’s not. I promise.

Hop on over to Creative loafing to read all about. Here’s a sample of a few of the phrases bandied about: Proverbial slave boy, multi-talented cross-dresser,  serial-masturbator/lama herdsman with a philosopher’s heart. Seriously, where else will you find such an eclectic grouping of wordsmithery going down?

Oh, and have you checked out STARE ME DOWN’S latest reviews? Click on the cover if you want to have a peek. I’m thrilled!!!!!




Head over to Cassandra Carr’s blog and leave a comment. You’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy, or your choice of one from my back list. Actually, you could pick one to wait for. One of my next releases too. I’m easy as I’m over-the-moon with all this. I love reader emails too. So PLEASE keep ’em coming. 🙂 If you want to check out the latest reviews on Stare Me Down, just click here or, if you want to check out the reviews on some of my other books, just click here. And, as always, thanks SO much for stopping by. I do appreciate the support. Oh, and if you do check out the latest reviews for Stare Me Down? I’m guessing the vegetarian comment from one reviewer was probably inspired by the grocery scavenger hunt Aries sends Jaxx on. It was classic. LOL! Poor Jaxx…wait, what am I saying? She gets to…well, never mind about what she gets to do with the items. I’m sure you can figure it out, but if you can’t, that’s another reason to go and comment, right? Maybe you’ll win a copy and you can read all about it. 🙂



iStock_000001049357XSmallBeautiful woman

Night owl's Reviewer's top pick award Stare Me Down



(Click on cover for book video)

Reader reviews via Amazon:


5silver-stars5 0ut of 5 STARS

“I’ve read every book by this author and they just get better and better.This one starts out with a fun, fresh twist as Aries Taylor is forced to spend time with Doctor Jaxx Gavin due to a…small altercation. She tries to keep things professional, but he’s not having it, and so begins one of my fave scenes in BDSM history, where Aries treats Dr. Jaxx to his travel-case of tricks (the REAL stuff requires an entire playroom). Fun, sexy and satisfying, yet another book for my keeper shelf from this author!”



5 out of 5 STARS.

“Loved it. Sexy, smart, and has a great leading man. Couldn’t ask for more when it comes to BDSM, and Riley Murphy is turning out to be a must buy for myself.”

ooohhhh my favourite of Riley’s books


5 out of 5 STARS.

“Stick with this book PLEASE. I found first chapter a bit slow, then wow, it all fell into place. First 1/4 of book laid the groundwork for the rest. This book has more of a romance vibe to it, still steamy, still a sexy male lead. Storyline had me hooked, a bit of a mystery included, on why the leads are like they are (her insecure, him a contradiction at times – a dom or not a dom?). Congrats Riley, on another 5 star book”



5 Out of 5 STARS

Ms. Murphy has done it again, only better. Phenomenal characters wrapped up in a wonderfully emotional story. It takes time to build (my only complaint) but once it does, it’s like a trigger has been pulled and everything is firing all over the place! Belts, a sizzling shower scene, a naked car ride and a night at a park, after reading about it, I’ll never forget. I simply adored the text scenes. They gave me a chuckle. And the dialogue, was so well done that one scene just flowed in to another. Can’t wait for a hot Viking or maybe Gabe? He sounds interesting. Highly recommend. Can’t wait for her next one.

Not Just For Vegetarians (A Sexual, Fun Read)


5 Out of 5 STARS

Wow. This book ticked all my boxes with its humour and sexual over tones. This is my first book from this author and I will definitely look for more. The writing flows with interest and intrigue. I was motioned along with the crisp dialogue which stole my heart and fueled my need to immerse myself for the duration. Loved the text messages and tongue in cheek conversations between these two characters. Easily one of my favorite reads that I have picked up recently. I found it very entertaining and didn’t want the story to end………



5 Out of 5 STARS

I had just recently finished two other novels by Riley Murphy, when I spotted Stare Me Down. At that same time a pre-order came up I had almost forgot about. Well, I had been enjoying Riley’ s novels so I stayed with her. I LOVED this book it touches on so many real insecurities and issues we all have, I just fell right in and kept falling. The dynamics of all the main characters carried the story with truth, warmth and humor. Oh, and the sex is well so hot, you’re going to have to read it, and re-read it, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you! I didn’t give it five stars just for the great story. There are plenty of surprises, kink and even some “Magic”. With a Dom to die for and real woman, there is nothing stopping you, ENJOY!



5 Out of 5 STARS

I have loved every book by Riley Murphy. I bought this the first day it was available on Amazon.

Like another reviewer mentioned, it started off a little slow, but once I got past the first chapter, it was a fast paced, easy read. The plot was interesting. Ramsey is a business owner who is ordered to take anger management therapy through the court. Jaxx is the therapist assigned to his “group”. The first scenes of the book are well into this therapy, and you already sense the attraction they are both dancing around.

As always with Riley Murphy, there is more than just a sexy story, you have a good storyline mixed in, with a host of other issues popping in just for fun! Let’s see… an overbearing mother figure, a “perfect” wannabe husband from abroad, an estranged brother that holds the keys to financial success, and strange phone calls that make Ramsey virtually disappear!

I really liked Jaxx, who was independent, strong, well educated, yet vulnerable and unsure about herself in a sexual sense. A perfect match for Ramsey who was so sure of himself sexually, a Dominant, but a little emotionally unsure of himself because of his relationship with his family.

This was probably one of the best books I have read in a long time. I’ll admit, one of my favorite things to do it highlight quotes and one liners in books and go back and read them later. I was giggling for a LONG time at some of these! I’ll only post a few, or this will be the longest review EVER!

“She wasn’t a vanilla doll. She was his kind of chick.”

“Does that honesty shock you? It’d better not, Jaxx, because that’s all there’ll be between us. Get ready.”

And my VERY favorite:

“That was the funny thing about special. You never knew when special was going to happen, but when it did, you wanted to protect it. Keep it close and not let others know you were experiencing it, for the fear it would disappear.”

I hope you one-click and read Stare Me Down!!


“Stare Me Down” by Riley Murphy
This erotic BDSM romance surprised me in a very good way. I’m a fan of Riley Murphy’s books, but this one held me in thrall. The banter between Aries, the hero, and Jaxx, the heroine, was delightful, sexy and engaging. Aries is a Dom who is a mindfucker extraordinaire. This will be one of my favorite erotic romances of 2013.

Readers via goodreads:



5 out of 5 STARS

“This author has done it again! These characters reminded me so much of what I loved about one of her other books, Reluctant Surrender!!! What a great read. I devoured it. Smart, funny and emotional. I couldn’t put it down.”


5 out of 5 STARS.

“Loved Jaxx and Aries so much!!! what a wonderful story and I am looking forward to reading about the rest for the characters. Great job Riley!!”


5 Out Of 5 STARS


Very enjoyable read. The storyline was interesting too. Never have read anything by this author but would again. I recommend this story.


5 Out of 5 STARS

Loved it! This story made me laugh!

4 Out of 5 STARS


This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Ms. Murphy and I was not disappointed.

Aries is a Dom who in the beginning is seeing Jaxx (a therapist) because the court says he has anger issues. After his court appointed sessions are over they agree to a little show and tell.

I liked Jaxx and Aries a lot together. These two got things pretty hot and I laughed a good amount of times. Aries was like the sweetest Dom I’ve read. He wasn’t the type to be an ass but when he meant serious business, you knew it. The way he helped Jaxx was great as well.


5 Out of 5 STARS

The writing is crisp and the story is smart and emotional and very hot.

Readers on Facebook:

I am enjoying Stare Me Down so much! I have highlighted so many great one liners, and even a few new words to incorporate into a conversation or two 😉 great work!!

Congratulations! I loved Stare Me Down!

Riley Murphy’s Doms are awesome, awesome, awesome!




Very excited for you guys to meet my guys. They’re fun and sexy. Maybe not very conventional in the boudoir *wink, wink, nod, nod* but that’s what makes this one interesting. Think sweet romance with wicked hot sex behind closed doors because this alpha hero doesn’t like to share. He wants his heroine all to himself. All the time. *sigh* Jaxx is so feaking lucky!

Jaxx Gavin

Beautiful woman



Ramsey (Aries) Taylor

*Looks up at him and wipes drool from side of mouth* Anyways, I want to remind you guys to head over to Novelreflections.net on the 16th where I’ll be spilling the beans about some sexy stuff and giving away a copy of Stare Me Down too. I’ll be replying to all comments, so ask me anything you want and I’ll answer. Great opportunity here folks! As many of you know I have absolutely no privacy filter. True. Half the time I walk away after conversing with someone, and think, “Boy, maybe I should have kept that one in the vault.” But then? My vault has no lock on it and the door to the sucker has been wedged open with lag-bolts for twenty years, so there would really be no point of me shelving anything in there, right?

Hope to see you on the 16th!



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