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This is a reverse amnesia story.
January 21 2018


When a devious pact is uncovered a domestic dispute ensues…unless you’re prepared to get creative. Here’s the rundown.

Yesterday I went out for lunch and Honey was supposed to be on a job site, doing whatever the hell he does all day, 😉 when I get a phone call. I had just finished with lunch and intended to go shopping so the call? Kind of intrusive. Of course it’s him and I can tell by his voice there’s something wrong.

Now, most men dealing with a potential meltdown situation would ease into the bad news by making sure their woman wasn’t driving or you know, doing delicate surgery or something, but not Honey. Nope. He just throws it out there. Here’s the conversation.

“The dog is gone.”

“What do you mean gone?”

“She didn’t greet me at the door when I got home. I asked Madge (that’s my mother for those of you who don’t know) if she let her out and now she’s crying.”

“My mother’s crying? Did she let the pooch out? Did—”

“Yeah, I checked the gates. They’re closed. I’m just heading back to the job. I’ll drop off the equipment the guys need and then I’ll come home.”

“Okay.” My mind is racing a mile-a-minute. If the gates were locked and The Divine One wasn’t in the yard? (I must pause here to explain that as an author I have a very fertile imagination. So you gotta know I’m building an abduction plot that would rival John Paul Getti’s. “I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

It was more like fifteen, but when I pulled into the drive Honey is just getting out of his truck.

“Hi. Any word? Did she turn up?”

Honey shakes his head. “I even took a few minutes to tour the neighborhood. Nothing.”

We are both quiet as we walk up to the door. Normally there’s a little nose pressed against the glass looking out at us. This more than anything gives me that sick feeling of loss. What was I going to do if we don’t find her. What if she’s hurt? What if—?

We’d just gotten into the house and Honey does what he usually does. He walks right through to the kitchen to put down his keys and the second they make a clatter on the counter a little head pops up out of the couch. WTF!!!!

This is a triple “SH*T” moment here people, because Honey doesn’t know about the unspoken pact I made with The Divine One. Said agreement basically stipulates that she gets to do whatever she wants when Honey’s not home, but once he comes through that door she must behave like a dog and NOT get up on the furniture, beds or bar stools. <-Yeah, you’re smart not to ask about that last one. *wipes brow with the memory* Where was I? Oh yes.

Right then I knew I was screwed because the little shitball apparently didn’t know, or worse, didn’t care that daddy was home as she eased her head back down and continued taking her afternoon “siesta”.

Here she is nonplussed at seeing me… (click here to see)


Here she is returning to slumber…(Click here to see)


And here she is in jail after daddy yelled at her.(Click here to see)

He yelled at me too. Actually it was more a stern talking to before I suggested he ground me and send me to my room where he could join me. >:) Heheheh. See? Creative. I made him forget all about The Divine One’s antics.


P.S. I updated my “In The Works” page so if you want to see what’s cooking there check it out.







So you gotta know, when the two of them clash over something she did, things (for her) are going to go south fast.


     “Head up and eyes on me.”

     Damn. This was going to be hard. Bad. I tilted my head and looked at him. That was my first mistake. Jesus, God, he was a wet dream come to life. Gritty and masculine. He was always put together like he’d just stepped out of a very welcoming bed. Out from between our sheets that I always kept warm for him. Always. But angry like he was now? It did something to me. Made me ache harder for him. Want him just that much more.

     “I want to know. Was this a mistake?”

     Everything in me screamed, lie. Say yes. But I couldn’t. That’s not who Grady and I were as a couple. It was all about honesty. That’s what he’d taught me, and the very reason this particular breech was so bad. One deep breath in and then I let it out slowly, and said, “No.”

     “Take the rest of your clothes off, but leave the shoes and go to the corner.”

(end of excerpt)

     This is a little snippet from the story I’ve written that will be included a mini erotic anthology. I’m going to post the rest of the excerpt with other info, like title and approximate release date, mid-week. But until then, let me just say, these two are…how can I put this? In the kink department? They compliment each other very, very, well. Heheheh.



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