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January 21 2018

A Night Spent With Honey That I Shall Memorialize!

May 29, 2017


I had to share. This had me LMAO!

Okay, so here’s the deal. We’ve had a boatload of company lately hence the slow blog posts being published – but we’re having fun with family so it’s all good. Anyways, Honey and I rented a pontoon boat and took the gang to a beautiful natural spring a few hours from where we live. We got to see/swim with all kinds of great wildlife (Lots of manatees) birds, fish, etc.

It was a wonderful day. Seriously. Great company and beautiful weather. So, when the day was over I was ready to fall into bed. Only? Honey was standing at the double doors to our room waiting for me.

*Looks right at you*

Honey doesn’t usually do this. We have a routine, you know? And this wasn’t part of it. So when I see him, here’s the conversation.

“Hey, is everything okay? What’s up?”

“I’m waiting.”

I shut the blinds on one of the sliders and ask, “For?”

“You. You gotta see this.”

So there I am heading into our room thinking the poochie, who has her own king-size doggie bed that I fluff for her every <- yes, you read that right! EVERY night, but the poochie princess wasn’t the issue as she was snuggled in waiting for mommy to tuck her into her top blanket.

Spoiled? Don’t ask. But I digress…

I stopped when I got into the room and saw that Honey hadn’t undressed. There I was thinking, Hmm…I bet I know where this is going. Inwardly I smiled and had that female attitude vibe happening when I coyly ask, “Okay, lover, what’s up?”

He flashes one of his patented smiles and says, “This.”

That’s when he takes off his shirt and I see the front of him. No word of a lie, people. He’s as red as a delicious apple from his broad shoulders to hips he’s one huge fireball. “Oh, boy.” I may have said that, but I was thinking, “Good, Lord, do we have some Noxzema in the house?”

I was just about to go find out when he announces in a deep and very husky voice, “Tonight, darlin’, you’ll be sleeping with Hellboy.”

Hahaha! True in every sense of the word. Actually, truer would have been Furnace-Boy – holy moly was he a bastion of boiling heat all night. *Le sigh* I found myself hugging the edge of the bed to keep away from the flames. Funny thing was, I kept teasing him during the day on the boat because he’d put the sunscreen on so thickly all over himself, he looked like Casper the ghost until the lotion was absorbed. How the heck did he wind up lobsta-red???


Upside? We now have enough money to visit all seven celestial planets at the end of the year on account of the swear jar being filled to overflowing. Between Honey and all my guests? Yup, I’ve been making out like a bandit on that score. 😉

So… *Looks around* How’s everyone doing? Good?

I’m looking forward to a week of carrying the pooch outside to go pee. I love having company, but my poor baby gets so depressed when our guests leave that she can’t drag herself out to handle nature’s call. Honey is convinced I’ve cultivated this behavior in our fur-baby, but I don’t think so. I mean, if I were inclined to cultivate anything in her it would be for her to learn how to do laundry.

*Lifts a brow at you*

Have I mentioned how much I hate doing laundry? And here I am today, knee deep in dirty sheets and towels. Yay!

Check back towards the end of the week when I’ll be doing our final addition to our giveaway before the big draw. I feel like PERMIT ME has taken a year to write – but hey, it will be worth it, I promise.

As always, thanks for stopping by.



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8 thoughts on “A Night Spent With Honey That I Shall Memorialize!

  1. Oh wow! He’s definitely not an endorsement commercial for sunscreen. 🙂 LOL Glad to hear that you are enjoying your company. Always a good thing!

  2. Sorry to hear about the bad sunburn. Guess he forgot that you are suppose to reapply sunscreen every so many hours to keep from burning. You didn’t say if you found anything around the house to help with the burn.

    As for the dog. If you have a fenced in back yard, open the door and scoot it out the door and make it stay outside until it has done it’s business. You shouldn’t have to go out with it every time. If no fenced in yard then someone will have to walk the dog, can’t you take turns though?

  3. I love your stories. Thank you for sharing. Fur-babies are the best, and are supposed to be spoiled.

  4. I feel for your Honey! I’ve had alot of sunburns and they are painful and miserable. But I love being outside. Sitting outside reading Permit Me is what I’m looking forward to! Thanks for keeping us entertained.

  5. I just love your honey stories. Can’t wait to share this one with my daughter when she gets home from work. We are like peas in a pod then either one of us want to admit. I will be watching her face betting she grins & laffs in the same places i did.

    It was nice to hear all the fun you had with family! It does not seem like there are many families that get along much less spend time all together.

    I often find myself nowadays day dreaming going back in time when my family was together & the world was such a different place.

  6. Poor Honey, I hope you found some aloe or something to cool off his sunburn. OUCH! I know how it feels. I’m super fair and even with sunscreen, reapplying hourly I get burned. Your fur baby sounds spoiled rotten. I don’t currently have a dog, I have two kitties, they too are spoiled too! 😀 I wish they could dust and vacuum for me. That would save a lot of time!
    Thanks for making my day. I love when I see your posts pop up in my mail, I know I’ll get a smile or laugh for the day. 😀

  7. I always love your Honey stories! I need all the laughs I can get right now because my furry baby Hunter has Melanoma cancer & I not doing well! My heart is breaking! We have had him 11 years & I’m really dreading when he has to be put to sleep. My on bought him so he says it’s his dog but my Mama, Daddy & I am the ones who have looked after him. Shwn was never at home because when he was in the 9th grade his ex girlfriends Mama started homeschooling him & he got a job. He moved out when he was 19 or 20. He is 26 now. Hunter sleeps on top of the covers on my bed. If not for him I don’t think I would have got through rising my son on my own! Suffice it to say it is going to kill me to lose him.

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