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October 29th 2014

And The Winner Is….

November 22, 2014


Yay! Jennifer B you won Myrtie!

A big congrats to all the winners so far!

Jessica who won an eBook copy of Stare Her Down

Tamara who won a 25.00 Amazon gift card

Kristina who won a copy of Reclaimed Surrender

Alina who won an eBook copy of Stare Her Down

Michelle who won a signed copy of Reputable Surrender

Sandy who won a 25.00 amazon gift card

Monique who won a signed copy of Stare Her Down

We still have this up for grabs:


This drawing will take place at the end of the month – I got my proofs of Stare Her Down so there will be a copy of that book included. All my subscribers and everyone who comment on that original post are included in the draw. If you want to subscribe to play along with all my giveaways, great. If not, but you still want to play, just go here and leave a comment. :)

Also, if you haven’t entered this drawing yet – there’s $$ and prizes too. Click on the Night Owl link here to enter the rafflecopter:



What’s next? Well, I’ll tell you….


photo (12)

Fred The turtle

Myrtie and Fred are both mysteriously missing at my house. Me thinks Honey has sent them away to parts unknown again. So, I’m going to make you a deal. When they do reappear, I’ll do another giveaway for one of Myrtie’s cousins. This will be for all my subscribers and anyone who leaves a comment on that particular post, so check back.



I am also going to do a giveaway when A Perfect Holiday releases in Audio format (should be around Dec.1st or so, for one of Sidney (my heroine’s) quirky angels. There’s a story about this particular book, and the “quirky angel”, but I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog.

Here’s a teaser


Next up is my newest holiday story. It’s a hot and steamy one!!!

Here’s a teaser for that one

tpd promo-001

This was should be all nice and shiny by Dec. 1st.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And good luck with the next wave of giveaways!


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Did I Do That???

November 14, 2014

photo (17)

I don’t even have to think. *raises hand and does that annoying ooh-ooh in the classroom until the teacher points to me and I emphatically shout* “Yes!”

If you’ve been following the case of the ice “you-know-whats” great, if not here’s the rundown. A few months ago I realized that I had a haunted oven. True story, you can read about it here. Anyways, I bugged Honey and he got me a new stove. Yay! But then something really odd happened. My icemaker started acting up. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I write erotic romance, so check these out and tell me if my little haunted ghostie guy didn’t jump the proverbial burner right into the ice. *leans in to whisper* I think the little devil was trying to schmooze me with these delectable suckers, but I digress.

photo_2 (14)

This is how these little beauties played out between Honey and me. When the male members start multiplying I start snapping shots of them. Then I started to show Honey the pictures. The first time he doesn’t even blink, when he says, “Interesting.

Pick one

The second time he frowns and points out a node. “This mold is defective. It looks like the guy has syphilis.” <- Which, you know, is absolutely stunning when you think in terms of throwing these babes into your drink. See?

mother's day dick drink


But that’s when I tell him that they weren’t coming out of kinky molds. The ice maker was making them (I added the “for me” part just to bug him, and it did). This is when he announced he was going to order a new machine.

Great. Only the new one that arrived was damaged, so we had to send it back. Then the second one that came wasn’t the right model so Honey sent that back too. Then? Then the customer service representative did something to make Honey mad so he cancelled the order altogether. *shakes head* Did I mention Honey doesn’t handle incompetent well? *looks right at you* Seriously, he’s bad when he gets mad because he goes quiet and before you know it people are apologizing, but he never changes his mind in the end. That’s the bad part.

Long story to this very short problem? I still, through no fault of my own, have the haunted ice maker, so when I complained about it the other day, Honey said something he shouldn’t have. He said, and I quote:

“I’ll make you a deal. The day that effing thing produces a real man size one, I’ll change the machine. Otherwise, we’ll just wait until the New Year as planned, and buy a whole new refrigerator.”

Yeah, there were two things wrong with that the way I saw it. One? There was nothing the matter with our current fridge besides the peen-producer and two? I didn’t want to wait until the New Year to get perfect ice. Hello? I’ve got the holidays coming up and people like non-erotic ice. Can you imagine me sticking this into my neighbor’s gin and tonic? They already have enough chit-chat going on about Honey and I they don’t need any more. Trust me.

mother's day dick drink 2

So there I am thinking. *tapping index nail on front tooth whilst I burn the midnight oil trying to come up with something to fix this so I get what I want and…Bam* I decide I’m going to order what Honey accused me of doing in the first place, using manual ice molds that maketh the dicketh. I was so excited about the prospect until it came to me. With my *cough, cough* robust computer skills and paint shop, why I could photoshop my way into a new machine! *beams* Brilliant right? *Stands at attention and gives you a very formal salute while I announce* Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Richard The Mega-Dong, but we’re going to call him Dick. :D Can’t wait to show Honey tonight. Heheheh.



Thanks for stopping by.



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Uh oh…This Could Get Ugly!

November 8, 2014


Not the cat. That guy is too cute. Who I’m talking about, and isn’t cute, is Honey being sick. Now, there’s two ways I could explain this. My way and his way.My way goes something like this:

Meh, it’s a cold flu thing. No biggie. I had it all last week. Did I lose any writing time because of it? Nope. Did Honey notice enough to ask me about it? Nope. Did I complain about it? Nope. So, yeah. NO big deal.

His way? Well, for starters he pulled a Gloria Swanson coming into our house early yesterday afternoon. Seriously, he was ready for his Mr. Deville-Oscar-winning-performance close-up. But if that weren’t enough to get me LMAO the look on his flushed face would have. Here’s the conversation:

“Thank God your home.”

*Imagine me doing a big mental hurrmph here* because you and I both know he’s only happy to see me for one reason. I am destined to become his “slave nurse” for the rest of the day.

“Oh, and why is that?”

“I’m sick.”

Yeah, the way he announced that was as if the sky was going to fall and zombies were on the front lawn looking to find their way into our humble abode to escape that kind of travesty. “So?”

“I mean it. I’m really sick.”

*Looks right at you as I pull down my reading glasses* To me really sick is pneumonia, not a garden variety cold. What are your thoughts on this?

“I’m achy.”

I turn back to him and nod because that’s what I was last week.

“I have a headache.”

Check-eroo on that as I also had one of those.

“I feel stuffy.”

We could have been twins.

“I need to go to bed.”

And right there any relative similarities ended. Bed? I try not to let my brows disappear under my bangs as, you know, I’m totally gobsmacked here. Did I mention that not only did I release a book and market it last week, but I did the grocery shopping, all the cooking, and his effing laundry! Don’t get me started on that. Anyone who’s been following my blog knows how I feel about laundry…so where was I? Oh yeah, him wanting to go to bed.

“No you don’t. What you need to do is get changed and make yourself some soup. Maybe park yourself in front of the TV – in the family room- for a bit. Did you take something for it? I’m pretty sure we’ve got some medicine in the cabinet.”

At this point I can tell you with absolute certainty that he’s the one who’s gobsmacked. “But I’m sick. Don’t I get any sympathy from you?”

I thought about that for a mili-second, maybe less before I replied, “Sure you do. You get as much as you gave me.”

Haha! Poor baby. He did the old head fallback “come on!” impatient move, and then quickly regretted it as he nearly fell over from dizziness. How did I know this? I was dizzy from this head cold last week. >:) When he got a handle on the fever induced vertigo, he grumbled, “I tried my best. Guys aren’t good at this kind of shit.”

“You won’t get an argument from me there.”

“Not fair.”

“Not listening.”

Now, for those of you who might think I’m being mean I’d ask you to click on the Kitty picture above before you judge me too harshly. ;) And for those of you who know me to too well, this is what I’m doing instead of catering to Honey who’s currently googling “walking pneumonia “, “typhoid”, and “meningitis symptoms. *shakes head* You remember my ice machine making ice dicks?

pick this one

Well, I have a rather large update on this topic, so stay tuned. Honey is in for one helluva a surprise there. >:) ROTFLMAO!

Thanks for stopping by!



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Things That Make You Go Hmm….

November 6, 2014

domestic dispute

Honey. I could say that is all because, let’s face it, he is my personal reason for doing the old *head scratch*, pulling off the *head banging on desk* and my major *headache* maker all wrapped up in one fantastically complicated male ego that never quits. But then if I left it at that, you guys wouldn’t get to hear this conversation that ensued, would you? :D

To set this up, I was working last night on other stuff besides writing, and Honey was watching another documentary. Big shocker there. You see? I want shake my head at that. *sigh* So, I go out to the family room to ask him a question and I’m nearly blinded. The freaking guy has so many lights on my eyes began to water.

“Holy moly! What’s with all the brightness?”

He doesn’t even look at me. *Imagine me looking right at you as I mouth the words “Wow that documentary must be enthralling”* When he says, “The light illuminates your beauty.”

*Insert me blinking at you until I turn back slowly to look at him* I was going to ask, but then, why mess with his perfectly good rebuttal, you know? So, I simply backed away before he ruined it.

Fast forward an hour later when I catch him preparing to take the pooch out for a walk without me. We always go together.

“Hey, why didn’t you come and get me? I want to go.”

“I thought I’d give you a break tonight, but if you want to come, beautiful, I’ll wait.”

Okay, you have to imagine me at this point thinking, “Has he been fooling around on me and his guilt is killing him so much he has to worship me now?” <- Yeah, no, I know that’s not possible, so whatever’s causing this adoration doesn’t matter. I simply chose to bask in the glory of this kind of unusual attention. And I did…until bedtime. Then?

There’s me lying in bed staring at the shadows flickering on our ceiling. I hear a noise. “What was that?” I whisper.

“An owl.”


A few minutes later I hear another noise. “What was that?”

“A possum,” he murmurs.

Made sense. “Oh.”

Less than a minute later I frown. “Does that sound like water running?” The idea becomes an instant obsession and I can actually envision one of the hoses outside spewing water until a whole river will be pooling in our backyard overnight, costing us a fortune. “It sounds like the hose was left on, doesn’t it?”


He seemed so sure. It wasn’t fair now that I was totally stressing over it. I turned to him and pushed down the duvet so I could see his face. “Something’s flowing. I can hear it.”

He did the big sigh and came up on elbow, leaning over me until I was pressed back into my pillow, when he said, “What you’re hearing is my love overflowing for you.”

Yeah, hm. You can bet what was I hearing was crickets and what I was thinking? *cups hands around mouth and speaks in a really annoying monotone announcer’s voice* I hereby invoke the power of the…


Snow globe moment. Seriously? Honey doesn’t EVER talk like this unless… I give him the side-eye and ask, “What kind of documentary were you watching?”

“One about relationships.”

My eyes narrow. “You don’t say.”

“Pretty insightful shit. Wish I’d watched it when we were dating it would have saved me a lot of aggravation.”

Oh, really. “How so?”

“Well.” He fell back down on his pillow with a grin. “There’s this theory in relationships called the deflation factor.”

Oh yeah, I had to hear this. I got up on elbow and waited with bated breath.

“It’s when you deflate a possible sticky situation with your significant other with kind words.”

*Insert me looking right at you again here* because if you’ve been following along there wasn’t a sticky situation, was there? “Erm,” I focus back on him again, “what was sticky about our situation?”

“Be damned if I know. I never do, so what did I have to lose?”

What indeed. There’s me lying back down contemplating what I could help him lose…a left nut, came to mind, but I digress. After I stewed for a few more minutes I whispered, “I still hear water running.” It wasn’t until he got up with a few choice curse words and exited our bedroom to check out the hoses in our backyard, that I added in the tiniest voice imaginable so he’d never hear me, “Oh, wait, never mind. It’s only the pool filter.” Hehehe! Poor Honey. But come on! What did he have to lose? *imagine a light bulb clicking on over my head as I beam* Well, for one thing, he lost the opportunity to snuggle in for a good night’s sleep, didn’t he? ;)

But it wasn’t until he came back to bed all huffy and I purred, “You are so wonderful for going to check on that for me. You’re my hero. Now I can sleep.” And he gave me one of those hugs that said “Anytime babe” that I realized, *insert me staring at you with owl-eyes here* the deflation factor actually worked! Maybe not on women, but definitely on men. Wow…See? I want to shake my head again.



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Yay! Stare Her Down Made Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling List for “Romantic” Erotica!!!!

November 1, 2014

And everyone who follows my blog knows what that means!!! It’s another “Giveaway Time!”

November 30th will be the drawing. The rules are easy. Just leave a comment. Something as simple as: “Hi, Riley.” Or as complicated as, “I read your book and it (fill in the blank here) and you’ll be entered. Don’t forget to enter for Myrtie too (if you don’t subscribe to my blog already). That drawing happens earlier in November. Did I mention that there’s cash to be won entering Night Owl’s Reviewer contest as well? There’s a widget at the end of the post. Make sure to enter and good luck!

So *takes a deep breath and looks around* where was I? Oh yeah, this giveaway! Here’s the stuff:


giveaway (2)



This is what’s up for grabs:

One signed copy of Stare Me Down

A bunch of sexy magnets!

David Post-It notes

A snazzy pen!

A specially (designed by me) dog tag that reads, “You had me at Spank!”

A decorative book box to hold some of your new items

A custom designed CD with the original song “In This Bed” plus the trailer.

Oh, and add to this a signed print copy of Stare Her Down that hasn’t been printed yet. I should have the final galley on this on Wed. Then it will be another few days to approve – but once I have it I’ll include it with all this!


Here are the the teasers for my latest release if you aren’t familiar with it!Downloads72


You can click on the picture above if you want to see the book trailer featured on USA Today!!!






And here are the first reviews!!!


5 out of 5 STARS!!!


Give Me A Gunn!

Bottom line – Bailey and Gunn are perfect for each other! He grounds her, and she lightens him up. Simply a wonderful, funny tale of two opposites attracting. If you like BDSM-themed stories with a lot of humor, yet a keen understanding of the workings of a relationship, I would highly recommend this, and any of Riley Murphy’s work!

5 Out of 5 Stars!!!


The Dom of my dreams, Gunn or Aries?

Gunn, also known as The Viking, made me forget to breathe as he showed Bailey his ropes… literally. I was not aware that ropes were for anything other than being restrained. Gunn acquainted me with sensations that I never knew existed through the skillful placement of his ropes. Not only could he tie a girl up in knots, but his words alone could send me over into orgasmic bliss. For example, he says things like “Do you know what I love about rope and tying up my woman? She’s captured. Her whole body is caressed by my ties. And what does she experience? A rough, tender, twisted, smooth, tight ,and loose embrace all at once, that causes a rush of feelings.” Seriously? “A rush of feelings” is definitely an understatement. There are many, many tender and mind-blowing moments in Riley Murphy’s newest novel and that excerpt was just a little taste to whet your appetite.

I highly recommend that you read it. I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

5 Out of 5 stars!!!5silver-stars

Gunn and Bailey’s story!!!

I’ll admit it…. I love Riley Murphy’s books. I have them all, I’ve read them all. But this one has been the best so far. I didn’t think anything would take the place of the Trust in Me series, but I have to say that Gunn and Bailey have stolen my heart (Insert Heart Emoticons here)

Bailey is a hot mess of issues, all bundled up into an adorable little package. Gunn is a tough Dom with his own set of issues buried deep, and his is just BEGGING for someone to come along and bust him out of his shell. When he sees Bailey across the patio of their shared apartment complex, struggling with a huge potted plant, he knows he wants her. She only wants to use him to get another (unattainable) guy. 

What follows is an incredibly hot, amazingly hilarious story that I couldn’t put down. My Kindle is full of highlighted passages. It is fast paced and the story line kept me interested the entire time. It is BDSM based, and the scenes were realistic but not over the top. Well, except the rope scenes, they were literally, OVER THE TOP!

Grab it today and read it! I give it five stars.

5 Out of 5 STARS!!!


Wow, bring on the big Gunn!!!

I absolutely loved this story from beginning to end! So many great moments and quotes. Wow, when Gunn talks about sex and says things like:

“Sex is very important to me. I like the feel of a woman’s naked body pressed against mine. “Because I want her to unravel. To give up and give in. To give it all to me. Everything. Her mind, her body, and soul, is mine in that moment. Submission becomes more than a word. It’s her lifeline that’s tied to me.”

I had to fan myself! Too many great moments you have to read this one. The first time Gunn brought out the rope, and then the restaurant scene. I don’t know why, but that scene touched me. I’ll be rereading this one again. It was hot and sexy with enough wit and insight to keep me glued to the page. Riley hit it out of the park with this one! 5 stars! I never thought I’d find a hero I loved more than Aries, but Gunn is my new favorite! I loved Bailey too. She was funny and self-deprecating without being weak. If you want to read a smart and hot bdsm romance this one’s for you! Highly recommend! It’s a keeper!

Here’s the link for Night Owl’s contest (just click here and you’ll be directed)mybookwasreviewedonnor

Thanks for stopping by!


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