July 28, 2015



I’m so excited about this for a couple reasons. You know, besides the obvious. Let’s see…The story came in at just under 350 pages. Yay! It could have been longer, but I have the third book in the series to finish so I have to hold some stuff back for that one. Another reason I’m doing the happy dance is because I managed to finish this monster while my house is in remodel mode – *looks right at you* – which really means I’m living in a full-out construction site because that’s how Honey rolls – and I met my deadline anyway!

Were there some glitches along the way? Absolutely. The biggest one? Honey packed up most of our stuff and put it into storage for this “little” project. <- Yeah, that’s how he sold this to me. Anyways, the reason I’m bringing this up now is because he packed all my book swag stuff. *Does a double take at you* I know, I was shocked too. Why? How can I do my big giveaway and add to it and stuff with no stuff…or even just the already mentioned stuff? It’s a bummer because I can’t. At least not until our flooring is down. Did I mention that Honey ordered the tile I picked out and when it came in it was the wrong color? What did I do? Nothing. I was ever the understanding wife who was roped into this remodel when she’s on a tight deadline with publishers.

I probably shouldn’t mention that when they reshipped the order in the right color, half of the order was damaged in transit. What did that mean? I thought it meant put down the good tiles and then wait for the rest to be replaced. And that would be wrong. There’s something about not mixing dye lots or something. I could swear Honey is making this shit up, but then he’s been a bear living in a torn up house so maybe not.

Translation? As soon as I get my stuff out of storage, where it’s been beautifully packed away, <- not kidding about that. Honey bought these heavy duty RubberMaid containers to store our things in. I don’t know why, as the storage unit is heated and cooled, but he did. Only problem with that plan? No labels. There I was standing in the storage place looking at our room full of stuff hoping to find my container of stuff and yeah, that didn’t happen. Insert the mighty snow globe moment here:



Why? Because I could not see or access anything as he’d stacked all the containers so perfectly. *le sigh* I won’t bore you with our little domestic dispute over that one. Suffice it to say that I will organize a different giveaway this week to celebrate PUSHED being released and once I get my stuff back we’ll pick up with the other giveaway where we left off. Only now Honey has been told he has to contribute something to that one to make up for his BIG mistake.

*Looks away and then looks back at you* Yeah, I wouldn’t get too excited about that. He’s been known to buy me some “interesting” things. Let see. There was the time he bought me an industrial flashlight. I wouldn’t have minded as flashlights, as a rule, come in handy, but this one was so big and heavy I needed two hands to lift it. I didn’t complain. I just picked it up with my two hands and tried to turn it on using my teeth. So yeah, he got the message.

Then there was the time he bought me the tool kit for the car. All I can say is that I belong to Triple A, I have roadside assistance, I even have a trusted mechanic friend who makes house calls, failing those things? I’ve got Honey. So why the hell would he buy me something I’m never going to use? His answer? What if you got stuck out in the middle of nowhere and you needed to change a tire?

Think Lord Of The Flies, people, because if I’m that far from civilization and I can’t change a measly tire the way I was taught to the second I learned to drive, You can bet your ass I’ve chosen to live out there on the “middle of nowhere edge” for a reason. Hm. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, the point I was trying to make was the lucky winner might be getting a tool, and I’m not talking about Honey. 😉

I shall leave you with one of our most recent conversations that cracked me up. To set the scene Honey and I were staring out at the pool in the backyard that was nearly overflowing because we’ve had a lot of rain here recently, when he says. “I’m going to have to drain some of that water out.”

I nodded. “Good. I don’t want it flooding the patio.”

“Who’s worried about the patio. I’m worried about the weight of the water in the pool itself.”

Me? Not so much because the pool in concrete. It’s in the ground. What, is it going to bust or something? “That’s crazy.”

He hikes a brow at me. “You think so? Do you know how much weight eight inches of water spread over an area of blah, blah, blah…”

Sorry, but I have a tendency to tune him out when he’s doing his lording it over me thing with stupid facts. It was worse this time as it involved math. He went on and on about density and mass and whole pile of other crap I didn’t want to listen to. Okay, the truth? I half listened to him because he sounded really smart and *sigh* I don’t know, sometimes I like the idea of him being smart as long as I don’t have to listen to him orating that smartness over me. So once he’s finished detailing the mathematics behind why he needs to drain the pool I shrugged.

“Did you get that equation from a documentary?” I had to ask. It isn’t like he uses that kind of math in everyday life and it’s been a while since he’s gone to school. That’s all I’m saying.

And what did he say? “No Star Trek.”

Yeah, I was left blinking too. “Star Trek, what?”

“The math. It was the movie where they had to bring the whale on board the Enterprise. Everyone calculated for the whale’s weight, but then they had to figure in the water.”

And there’s me as he walks off to drain the frigging pool staring after him. The guy is an enigma. I never know where he’s getting the stuff he stores in his brain. It’s kind of scary…but in a good way.

Oh. In case you didn’t get the connection, that was me preparing you guys for Honey’s contribution to our giveaway. I shall have to sign a disclaimer and everything. So consider yourselves warned. Heh. In the meantime, I’ll put together something else we can have fun with. I’ve missed my blog. So now that I’ve finished this latest story, I’m looking forward to having some time to hang around here now.

Speaking of the story. I’ve posted the first two chapters of PUSHED. If you’d like to read a sample click here.

Let me know in comments if you want the last scene of Master X posted before my stuff is returned to me. We could do that, I suppose, and then wait to do the giveaway.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S I will post links once this goes live

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Want A Chance At Some Cool Prizes And To Meet Some Yummy Doms?

July 1, 2015


This is Rene Tanner from Reclaimed Surrender. He’s the Dom that likes to spank his wife. :) Anyways, he’s not my only Dom playing today. Ethan Whiteleather from Reluctant Surrender, he likes to give his girl little erotic bites of D/s play. He calls them BDSM Tapas. He’s there too. Ted, from Required Surrender – he’s my angsty Dom who’s into delivering pain, David who is my patient Dom. He likes the mind games and Micheal who’s a hard Dom who balances things between pleasure and pain with his woman – are all there. Just click the image above to go vote and you’ll be entered in to the drawing for prizes!

Good luck!


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Guess What Honey’s Foot And Half Swear Jar Equals?

June 26, 2015


I had to take a picture of this so you’d have some scale. This antique bottle used to sit in my office. Honey and I threw loose change in it and every once in a while we’d cash it and do something great with the kids. But now that the kids are older we seem to have more bills in our pockets/wallets than coins. Go figure. The bottle has been kind of neglected. Until now. I have reinvented our savings jar. Check this out. I do have to say I was going to share this on Facebook last night, but then I decided to blog about it instead. Are any of you guys on Facebook? This is where I hang out some nights feel free to find me. :)

So, yesterday was interesting. Actually it was more like late afternoon and evening. Here’s the deal. After Honey’s been working on our house during the remodel I realized that he’s…well, how can I put this? Less refined when it comes to being disappointed over the outcome of certain things. Example? (Feel free to fill in the disruptive stars with the appropriate letters)

A nail doesn’t go in straight and he finds the need to growl. “You skinny bast*rd!”

Drywall patch doesn’t disappear enough for him after he sands it? “You piece of non-disappearing s*it.”

Ceiling fan doesn’t go back up perfectly the first time? (Cover your eyes if you don’t want fit the appropriate letters in here because this is a bad one) “You rotten mo*her *ucker! *uck off.”

Seriously, I’ve been living in audible shock for two weeks with his “contractor speak”. So this is when I decided he was gonna have to pay the piper. And by the piper, I really mean me, because *Looks right at you* I deserve the dough as compensation for my delicate hearing being abused. *Sheepishly looks away and kicks the dirt a couple of times. Then spying my pretty shoes I’m compelled to face you and admit the truth* Oh, all right. I want the cash for a new pair of shoes, but that’s besides the point. Honey needs to tone down the language when he’s working so he agreed to the cuss jar idea I proposed. I had to take a picture of it for you guys – because trying to explain it wouldn’t work. See? It’s actually an antique Jim Beam bottle that’s like a foot and half tall. You should have seen the look on his face when I rolled that sucker out. Heheheh. Anyway, we’ve been at this for four days and it’s not going well for him. *Leans in to whisper* The man doesn’t like to see his shortcomings I can tell you that. So there we are standing by the stupid fan he put back up, only now it’s humming and you know that’s not going to fly with me. Here’s the conversation:

Me scrunching my nose up. “It’s too noisy.”

“I know. I’ve taken out the solenoid and wrapped it. Leave it with me. I’ll get it fixed.”

Did I mention I’m not so good at leaving things alone in my own house? When workers are present I usually leave so I don’t mess with things they’re doing, but today I was staying ‘cause it was Honey. Much to his chagrin. I’d just done a workout so I said, “I don’t know. I was going to have a shower.”

He wasn’t even looking at me. He was too transfixed with the solenoid. “Go ahead. I’ll have this fixed by the time you get out.”

Did I mention that I worry about Honey when he works at home? I have no idea why. He works all over the county without me every day, but yeah. That’s how it is. I say, “You’re not going to electrocute yourself of something when I’m in the shower, are you?”

You have to picture him turning to me really slow-like. His chin drops toward his chest and he pulls his readers down to look at me. Not going to lie. I love when he does this. Probably why it took me a few seconds to hear what he said. It was bad people. Very, very, bad. All I did was point to the JB jar and say, “That sentence will cost you five bucks.” And as I flicked my hair behind my back and sauntered off to have my shower, I heard him yell. “That’s entrapment. You’re trying to drive me crazy just so I’ll keep swearing. I’ll be broke putting all my money in that damn bottle.”

And I yelled right back. “You said the ‘D’ word. That’s another dollar!”

I nearly fell over laughing when I heard him list off every swear word I knew and a few that I didn’t. After which he said, “I’m starting a tab. Next Friday I’ll write you a check.”

Did I care? Nope. A check was more convenient because I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to get the bills out of the bottle without breaking it. I can’t smash it open. I love that bottle. But best of all? Guess who’s going shoe shopping next weekend on someone else’s dime. Quarters, actually, by why split hairs. Yay!

Thanks for stopping by!




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June 25, 2015


Jude Wilde is the hottest, dirty talking Dom I’ve ever written. I am totally in love with him!

Here’s an excerpt from the very beginning of this one. When Jude’s being held prisoner at the sanctuary. To set this up. He’s trying not to go crazy in the dark silence of his cell, so he focuses in on thoughts of Cat/Catherine and all he wants to do to her when he escapes. >:D


“Come on, pretty girl,” he whispered, and sank to his knees, squeezing his lids closed harder than he needed to because he had to feel. Something. Anything. “Take the images away. Flick them off as easily as you brush the pretend lint from your shoulder when I’m irritating you.” He brought his hands to his head, grasping his skull, pulling his hair, and rocked back and forth. “Fight with me. I need your strength. Find me in this hell. I need you.”

It took a few moments, but thoughts of her finally dominated all others. Her conjured image appeared in the mist of his consciousness and pushed all the others away.

Thank Christ…and he latched onto it.

He forgot about everything that happened between them before he’d brought her to his house that day, and focused in on what went on there. Her stealing his security guards’ cell phones. Her breaking out of every room he’d locked her in—their one evening together when he’d finally found her for the third time.

“Really.” She’d said to someone on one of the phones she’d stolen. The second he’d walked into his office he’d heard her. She was hiding under his desk. “If you looked up his name in the street cred handbook, you’d find the description vanilla pudding pop. Don’t sweat it.”

At that point he’d had enough of her running circles around him, his guys, and the house. To him, she was like the energizer bunny, but with a mouth a mile wide. He’d dove across the desk, curled over the edge, reached under it, and snatched the phone from her hand. “I’ll take that.”

“Yeah, why not?” She’d said so casually that he’d remained hanging upside down staring at her, as she continued, “You’ve taken my freedom, but you won’t take away my dignity.”

“Ah, so you like movies, do you? Mel as the scrappy Scottish dude? He did a decent job. Dignity?” He’d pushed off the desk and waited for her to come out.

“As far as movies go, I like the ones where the hero gets killed by gruesome means in the end.” When she stood and stepped away from the desk, he knew she was envisioning him getting his entrails scooped out.

“And I like the ones where the heroines are good girls and do what they’re told to do.”

“You see?” She glanced at her shoulder, flicking some imaginary dirt away, and then looked right at him. “This is why you and I don’t get along. You’re a meathead.”

Even now recalling that unexpected term, feeling as desolate as he was, he laughed. She was such a little wombat unless…

Suddenly the best recall he had of their short time together played like a movie scene in his head and he let it unfold as it always did. Back then he’d been impatient and easily pushed. Hell, he’d even been scared off by the feelings she’d invoked in him. One upside to his current predicament? He’d never be scared off again.

“Get your fucking bear claws off me!”

He’d completely ignored her as he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. He’d taken the stairs two at a time and never even paused when he got to his bedroom doors. He’d kicked them open and left them that way.

At the time he’d had no real plan, other than to scare the hell out of her so she’d start talking and tell him where his stuff was so he could get his brother back, but she ruined even that basic idea with the way she’d reacted to his bullying.

He hadn’t been gentle putting her on the bed and even less when he’d followed her down on it. Their bodies had crashed together and he hadn’t been the least bit kind when he’d let his full weight crush her into his mattress.

“Get off me.”

“No.” He’d taken his time getting hold of her wrists in one of his hands, squeezing them when he had a good grip and pressing them above her head into the pillows. “I think you need to be fucked long and hard. That’s what I think.”

He’d also thought she’d cave and start begging him to let her go, but that never happened.

“I don’t give a shit what you think. I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last healthy sperm donor on the planet that was teetering on extinction. I wouldn’t let you near me. I wouldn’t let my eggs anywhere near your nuclear waste dump, three-eyed, two-tailed tadpoles, I can tell you that.”

He’d leaned down to say something to her, but she’d clearly thought he’d made the move to kiss her because she’d gone off in a rant of a different direction.

“And don’t put that mouth anywhere near me. I’ll bite off your fucking tongue. Don’t breathe on me either. Just stop breathing altogether and I’ll be good with it.”

She’d wriggled and tried to twist one way and then the other but his hold hampered her every attempt. When she realized it, and narrowed her gaze on him, all he’d done was smile.

“You don’t have any choice at the moment. I’m calling the shots. And if you bite me I’ll bite you back twice as hard.”

Here again he’d been expecting her to capitulate or bitch louder and what did he get instead? He was treated to some softness. “You…you wouldn’t,” she’d whispered. “I don’t believe it.”

Whether it had been the look in her eyes or the tone of her voice, he hadn’t known for certain, but something had driven him to prove it to her.

He stopped rocking and let go of his hair, sitting back against the ice-cold metal bed frame. That was it. That exact moment when he seized the power between them. Even now his heart beat like a drum in his chest and lust coiled in steady waves low in his belly.

“Give me your mouth and remember what I said about biting back. Test me if you want. It will make it better for me.”

He’d been working on basic instinct. Justifying everything he’d done by telling himself she deserved to have someone call her bluff.

“I want to feel the weight of your tits in my hand. I want to see you.” That’s all he’d said before he shoved his free hand up under her t-shirt and roughly tugged her bra aside. He used his teeth to draw the fabric of her top away so he could see her breasts. They’d been so soft, pale, and feminine against the rough contrast of his tanned and scarred hand, he should have been ashamed of what he was doing, but instead he found himself gripping her tightly. Even now the adrenaline surged through him, recalling that spectacular sense of power.

He’d literally had her in the palm of his hand and whatever he chose to do next she’d have to deal with. He’d been in command, but even still she hadn’t been powerless. She had the means to ultimately stop him, so why hadn’t she?

It was the quiet between them that had gotten his attention and caused him to think she’d been paralyzed with fright. If she had, things would have been so different for him now…

Not a whimper or a “no” came out of her, and after he’d gotten an intimate hold of her, he stopped watching what he was doing and their gazes locked.





And a fearful worship of him, were all things he read in her eyes and confirmed in her expression.

She wanted to be forced. She wanted him to do every rough and nasty thing to her that he was trying so hard to deny. Bad things he was attempting to push into the fantasy zone, when truthfully, those things had been reality in that space and time.

That’s what scared him. A line had been crossed with her where his fantasies had somehow become acceptable in her reality. His reality.

What had happened next was something he barely understood even now. He’d experienced a level of fury that bordered on being completely insane. He was mad at her and himself. Completely at a loss over an emotion he’d never had to deal with before.


He’d used it. Lived it. Breathed it as he’d gone after her. For the first time he did exactly what he wanted to do with a woman. He handled her the way he wanted to. Hard and crudely. Hating himself more with each second that passed, but loving the seconds that ticked by more deeply, because for the first time in his life, he’d been free of the stress and constraints that had been the invisible shield between him, and his ultimate pleasure with a woman.

Cat had welcomed the beast inside him with open arms and by doing so she’d stolen something precious from him, only to give him a gift that was far rarer in return. There was no going back for either of them.

“Pretty girls know their legs should always be spread.” He’d used his hips to wedge her thighs apart, grinding his hardness into the softest part of her. “Get those legs up. No, don’t lock them around me. I want them in the air while I fuck you.”

The taste of her, the tremble on her lips when they’d parted, and her mouth had slowly opened for him, had driven him wild. The shy, almost token resistance she put up before she’d completely let go and let him do as he pleased with her, was his new religion.

He fed on her lips, pressed down, gripped her harder and moved against her as if his cock was inside her, while they heavily breathed through the turbulence of the forceful embrace.

She’d held onto him as if he was the sturdy life raft in a brutal sea. As if he was her anchor and her ride home all at once. This was the challenge and the reward of an unexpected attraction. The compensation for unpredicted perfection. This was how he’d always wanted it to be. So raw and gritty—so compelling that everything else faded to black and there was only pure lust left.

He’d slid his hand into her pants, going right for the gold, cupping her between the legs. She was soaked and hot, ready…so ready. He’d shifted to get a better angle and that’s when she’d said the words that pulled him out of sexual oblivion and back into the world his unkind actions had no place in.

“Don’t let go. Hold me down harder.”


I can’t wait for you guys to meet Cat and Jude. IMO, this is one of the hottest books I’ve written. Jude was a complete surprise to me as an author. I love when that happens.

Thanks for stopping by!



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Naomi and Master X!!!!

June 20, 2015


So before we get to the next scene in the story, let’s remind ourselves about what’s in the giveaway so far.

If you haven’t read the first scene in our story, click here.

Second one, click here.

All caught up? Okay. Here’s what’s up for grabs:



photo (28)photo 3 (7)photo 1

A 25.00 Amazon gift card to be emailed to the winner.


A kinky flash drive.

And now?

provoked cover 15A signed print copy of Provoked!

As usual, leave a comment and your name gets added for a additional chances to win. If you don’t like commenting on the blog, email me, or message me on twitter or facebook and I’ll add you. It’s really easy.

Oh, and before I forget! There’s something else I’m currently doing. There’s another giveaway/scavenger hunt with Night Owl’s reviews! It’s awesome. Here’s the link if you want to check it out. Just click the picture!!!


Now for Naomi and Master X!!!

(Big disclaimer here: This hasn’t been run through edits and I really, really, REALLY! Suck at commas. So you’ll have to forgive my comma-fails, okay?) 😀


After spotting the sea of blonde subs waiting for the new owner of the club to make an appearance in the private lounge, Naomi high-tailed it to the bathroom. She needed one last wardrobe check before she joined the small group. Standing in the well-lit dressing area, she was glad she’d chosen to wear the short, deep purple wig. She’d certainly stand out from the platinum crowd and besides, the color really made her hazel eyes pop, causing them to appear greener somehow.

Leaning forward, she tugged on each of the wave type curls that framed the underside of her chin to make sure they were even. With the heavy bangs and makeup she barely resembled regular old Naomi. She wasn’t sure that was a good thing or not. With a shrug, she straightened and stepped back from the mirror, turning to the right and then left, examining her full profile. Although the black leather buckled collar halter top looked great with the hair, it was the low rise leather shorts that tied the whole outfit together. She was glad now that she’d opted for the three and a half inch spiked heels instead of the five. With the latter she’d be wobbling all over the place and tonight she wanted to pull off steady. Calm and steady. From what she’d heard about the new Master in town, he didn’t like drama.

One tiny readjustment—a little pushup in the chest area, and she was ready to head to the lounge. Finally, after all the waiting she was prepared to meet the mystery man everyone talked about but no one could name. It was maddening and exciting all at once. Would he choose her? She really hoped so. Not because her sex life had been nonexistent for nearly a year, which it had, this was more about getting the submissive fix. She didn’t have any grand illusions about finding a dominant man who did it for her on every level, just as long as he did it for her on the one.

She needed a Dom to brush the dust and debris that surrounded her center away. She wanted to be the center of a man’s universe, even for a short while, so that she was no longer the center of her own world that required her to be in command and control at all times. This didn’t require sex. Screwing was easy compared to what she was after.

“Don’t get your hopes up,” she whispered, just before she walked into the private room.


She’d missed the new Master’s entrance. Not that it mattered, all the girls were gathered around him and there was a bouncer at his back. Taking in the sight as she made her way to him, she was reminded of last night. Of vanilla McAlicious. Of—

“Hello, Mimi. You’re a little late. This is Master X.”

She barely heard Brady, the head bouncer at the club, speaking to her because she was making plans. Big, big plans, now that she saw the new owner, about how the hell she was going to get out of there without creating a scene.

Master X? No wonder he’d said he wouldn’t answer to ‘Z’. She should have realized her mistake at the time. This…This wasn’t the best moment to learn that McAlicious and Master X were the same man!

Don’t make eye contact with him. Don’t speak. Don’t…just wait for this unfortunate singled-out introduction to pass and then leave.

“Good evening. Mimi? No. I think I’ll call you Violet. I’m so glad you could join us. Purple is my favorite color.”

She heard a few of the girls softly groan and one of them swear, but she wasn’t going to look up. She stared at the floor and remained completely still until the tension that emanated around the room eased and he started talking to the group as a whole again.

“Where was I?”

She had no idea, but one thing she did have a good grasp on, was now that she’d just learned he was the new Master in town she was totally and utterly smitten. She’d been attracted to him before, but now? That attraction had been revved up to full gear. Not good.

Not good? This was totally wrong. He was one of her student’s parents…well, uncle. Close enough.

People in the lifestyle are discrete.

Didn’t matter.

Stare at the floor. Back away slowly. Slowly. Slo— “Oh!”

“I think I’d like to hear what this little violet has to say. You’ve all had a head start with me so please make some room for her.”

Just like he’d done last night with that shy woman at the PTA meeting, he reached out and pulled her through the small crowd. Her gaze was no longer fixed on the floor, instead she eyed his hand. His strong and powerful hand that was currently wrapped around her naked upper arm like a manacle. A nice, tight band that exuded a special kind of power. She felt him apply a small measure of pressure, once she was standing right in front of him, but she wasn’t going to look up. No way.

“What do you think about that, Violet? Is it something you’d like? Would it be the kind of scene you could handle?”

She shook her head even though she had no idea what he was talking about. The sooner he stopped making her the center of attention the better.

He curled down over her. The warmth of his breath heated her forehead. “Please explain why.”

She shook her head again. Although she was fairly confident he wouldn’t recognize her even if she did look up, she continued to study his grip on her arm. She was sure he’d get tired of trying to cater to her, and move on, but she was wrong.

“Do you want to know why I chose this kind of educational scene?”

Educational? Her heart hammered and she imagined she could feel the fine hairs at her temple dance in the heat that circulated between them. Now she was dying to know what he’d said before she got here.

“Educational scene, Master X? I thought you said you were interested in bondage?”

The woman behind her who spoke sounded disappointed.

“I am, but more on a psychological level.” Abruptly, he let go of her arm and stepped back so quickly she was surprised. That was it? He wasn’t going to press her anymore? “I’m thinking detention could be a good place to start. Corporal punishment could follow. What about…?”

“Humiliation?” Another woman offered.

“Perhaps,” he said so softly Naomi wasn’t sure anyone but her had heard him.

Too bad the women hadn’t let him finish with whatever he’d been going to say, as now this opened the door for a free discussion. The good part about that? It gave her a few minutes to regroup and get her shit together. She needed to leave before she did something stupid that would force her to stay. The bad part? She’d be leaving…him.

One step back.

Nothing happened. That was a good sign.

Another step back.

It was working. She was quietly fading into the background again. Into the crowd.

One more step and then another and—?

“I think I aptly named you. You’re quite the shrinking violet, aren’t you?”

“Not normally.” A gruff voice said, and Naomi wanted to smack the bouncer. This wasn’t the time for the usually quiet Brody to become chatty Cathy.

Ah, to hell with it. She looked up. If McAlicious was able to see through her runway model makeup, purple hair, and anything but principal attire, so be it.

There was no surprise or shock registering on his face, so that was good, but then when the words he called out to Brody registered, she was the one who was left surprised and shocked.

“See the other ladies out, would you? I think I found exactly what I was looking for right here.”

“Aw. I have purple hair at home. Pink too.” One disgruntled sub mumbled as Brody efficiently led the small crowd out of the room.

“Will Master X be back tomorrow night?” Another woman asked.

Naomi didn’t hear Brody’s answer because just then the bouncer closed the door.

The click of the hardware engaging to lock caused her to panic. It was one thing fading to the background when there was a group present and quite another being stuck in this room with just him. Man, he smelled good. He looked even better.

He doesn’t know who you are. Play it cool.

She straightened her shoulders, shook her head, and clasped her hands behind her back. Suddenly it occurred to her. She’d been looking at this situation the wrong way. She was in control here, wasn’t she? Of course she was, but what did that make him?

Gorgeous? Sure.

Powerful? Absolutely.

Dominant? That deserved a big check.

Intelligent? Yeah, she’d give him that.

Charming? Meh, that was yet to be seen.

Built? Nope, not yet to be seen at all. On that score she was seeing all right. She was still seeing it. In fact, she couldn’t take her eyes off it…him. All of his big built self.

Damn it.

“I’m assuming the reason you came here tonight was to be given an opportunity to play with me.”

She fixated on his pecs and tried not to let her gaze wander. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. For some reason I find you intriguing, Violet.” He circled her and without a part of him to focus on, she leveled her gaze to the floor. “You’ve certainly committed yourself to gaining my attention.”

She closed her eyes and swallowed when he dragged his hand across her leather shorts just below where her hands were clasped.

Goosebumps and a shiver? Oh boy.

“And yet, once you had my attention you seemed to want to leave. Are you a cockteaser, Violet?” He slowly finished circling her, coming to stand in front of her again, and whispered, “Are you?”

She shook her head.

“I’m glad about that. Do you know what else I’m glad about?”

His husky tone was doing a number on her. The quiet. The warmth she experienced from his undivided attention? Yeah, it was wrecking her. “No, sir. I don’t.”

“I’m glad you’re going to be a good girl tonight and appreciate the opportunity I’m giving you. You are going to appreciate me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

Naomi was breathless. She didn’t know how it happened or even when, but he’d put her in a place that was void of everything but him. Adrenaline stretched to life inside her from the secret promises his confident presence radiated.

“Do you have a safe word?”

She nodded, so ready to cut to the chase. “Yes. Apple.”

There was nothing but silence then. Only the sound of him inhaling and exhaling while she tried to get control of her air intake. It was almost obscene how ragged she breathed compared to him.

“I knew we’d run into a problem.”

That statement landed like a bucket of ice on sun-warmed skin. “Problem?”

He drew a finger across the front of her chest. His index finger lazily trailed a path over her top in such a suggestive manner, that it became quite clear there was a price to pay for buying the expensive buttery-soft leather outfit instead of the cheaper, thicker version. The upscale fabric allowed her to feel his touch against her as if she was naked.

“We haven’t even talked. Not really, and you’re ready to play with me? I do like your word. It fits in beautifully with me making you the teacher’s pet. A good pet would bring her Master an apple, wouldn’t she?”

Now his finger swirled, traveling over her, right where her nipples were, in a crazy eight pattern. Her breasts immediately reacted to his expert touch and she wanted to close her eyes. To breathe through her nose. To do nothing except feel. “Yes, sir.”

“What else would a good pet do for her Master?”

All manner of things came to mind with additional visuals and instantly a hot zinging tingle landed between her legs.

“No, don’t close your stance.” His finger stopped swirling and began circling her left nipple over and over again. “In fact, I want you to open your stance.”

She looked up. “Now?”

He nodded and then shifted forward, tightly clamping her nipple between his forefinger and thumb, squeezing. The action caused a shockwave of sensations to zip through her, eventually joining the tingles between her legs with a shiver-worthy jolt as her gaze remained locked with his, and she did as he asked.

“Wider,” he ordered.

Her feet were now shoulder width apart, but if he wanted her to open for him more she would have. Did he know he had her?

“Eyes down.”

Yeah he did.

“Good. Answer my question.”

He was back to circling her nipple. The right one this time, making it hard to stay focused. “A good pet would do anything her Master wants.” She answered by rote because she was concentrating on him. His presence, his touch, his reaction to her words when he pinched her again.

She shivered.

“I don’t want grey. Give me white or black. Your answers to me should always be clear and concise. Real. I like to know what’s going on in a woman’s mind. I want to know what’s going on in yours right now. Tell me specifically what a good and obedient girl would do to please her Master.”

The first bite of pain from his pinch on her nipple disappeared, and now all that was left was a warm and peaceful sensation that calmed her down and excited her all at once. “I would be respectful and honest with him.”

He eased his grip and then began to execute sensual circles alternately over each of her breasts. She knew why. This was a subtly. An indicator that she would be rewarded when she did as he asked, and punished when she didn’t.

“An intelligent answer, but not the one I wanted. Before we rectify that, bow your head.” She did, and was surprised when he undid the hook at the back of the halter collar. Was he going to undress her? “I want you to make note of this. I find a woman wearing a collar that I haven’t given her offensive. Please don’t make this kind of mistake again.” He lifted her chin, not enough that their eyes met, just enough that she was back to staring at his chest again. “Now, tell me what kinds of physical things a good submissive does to please her Master.”

“She would display herself in a pleasing manner before him.”

“Still grey.” He bent and whispered right into her ear, “Try again.”

“She would undress and kneel at his feet.” Her heart raced. He was so close, and yet he didn’t touch her.

“How? Imagine how you would do this action for me. Explain it in detail.”

His husky voice, the words spoken against her cheek, thrilled her. But then the image she began to imagine thrilled her more. “I would take off my top and strip off my shorts and panties until I was naked. I’d keep my shoes on though as I walked to where you sat. Then I’d gracefully sink to my knees at your feet. I’d keep my head bowed, my gaze lowered, but my chest thrust out so you could see how much being in that kind of position affects me.”

He walked around her. Stopping behind her. The front of him so close to her back, she felt the heat that poured off him. “Does the idea of you on your knees at my feet make you wet?” He whispered in her right ear and then before she could answer he shifted to whisper in her left one, “Would you appreciate the weight of my hard cock in your mouth? Are you prepared to be generous? Will you open your throat so I can feel those hot, velvet walls hug me as I slide in deep?”

“Y—Yes.” Naomi literally shook now. Her whole body ached. She wished like hell he hadn’t made her spread her legs apart because now she wanted to squeeze her thighs shut and enjoy some pressure there.

“Good.” When he spoke again he was some distance behind her. Seated too if she had to guess. “I want you to unclasp your hands and put them, palms flat, on the front of your thighs. Eyes straight ahead and breathe evenly. Keep your stance open.”

As she did as he told her, the actions made the collar part of her top, fold down a little lower on her chest. She ignored the loose fabric, and waited for her next instruction.

A few moments later she knew for sure he was seated when the chair creaked as he moved. Was he going to order her to do something else?


Touch herself?

She licked her lips. The anticipation was delicious and in no time at all, she was wishing he’d speak. And then he did.

“Do you frequently masturbate?”

She didn’t hesitate to answer, “Yes.”


She could almost hear the words he didn’t say, Tell me black or white, no grey. “Mostly in the shower.”

The chair creaked again as she imagined him leaning forward in it. “Why?”

“It’s easier.”

“Than using a vibrator?”

“No, than finding a man.”

“Is there a man in your life, pet?”

“No.” She hated admitting that. It made her feel like she’d failed somehow.

“Would you like to know how things would be if I was the man in your life? If I became your Master would you like to know how that would work?”

More than anything. He’d barely touched her and she was aching for him. “Yes, sir.”

“I would train you to have an overwhelming compulsion to obey me in all things, but especially in personal matters. Sexual matters. I would be harsh with you when you disobeyed me and gentle and very generous with you when you listened and took my directive. I believe in keeping things simple. You would be rewarded when you behaved the way I want you to, and punished when you don’t.”

When he didn’t say any more than that, she said, “I understand.”

“I would require certain things from you.”

She trembled with pleasure when his front pressed into her back and his arms wrapped around her. Her pleasure intensified as he forced her head to one side, leaning over her, to softly speak into her ear.

“I want to know something personal about you. What’s the biggest thing in your life that makes you the most self-conscious, uncomfortable, or embarrassed?”

His chin was stroking the side of her throat in a teasing manner. If she didn’t say something soon, she feared she’d pass out. “I don’t…I…” God, the way he embraced her. It was comforting and scary at the same time. “I don’t like being wrong.”

“I see. Do you know why I needed to know this?”

She didn’t. Other than he wanted the means to humiliate her with the knowledge at some future point. “You want all the power?”

He pressed his lips against the steady pulse beat at the base of her throat and her knees buckled. Only slightly, but enough that he held onto her more tightly and said, “I already have all the power, pet. I needed to know this so we can move you past this fear—”

She fought to gain some footing in this sexual mine field. “It’s not a fear.”

“Yes it is.” He pulled back and the skin he’d previously been heating with his lips turned cold. “And don’t interrupt me.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

A few quiet seconds ticked by and for all of them, Naomi thought she’d blown it. He didn’t move or speak, but then he didn’t let go of her either, so she’d just have to be patient and see what he did next. Once she relaxed and gave up trying to figure him out, it was as if he’d known what she was doing, because he spoke.

“As I was saying, I needed to know so we can move you past your fear of being wrong. You’re going to be wrong quite a bit I’m afraid, but it’s going to be okay. There’ll be no judgement coming from me, so there’ll be no need for you to be embarrassed.”

She closed her eyes when he pressed his lips on that spot again and opened his mouth to draw some skin inside, sucking on it. She couldn’t help the sigh that escaped her, any more than she could help the words that tumbled out. “First I have to be wrong, sir.”

He didn’t let go of her skin, speaking around it. “I know.”

She would have questioned him over that answer, if she could have. But just then he changed position, letting her go one way, and latching onto her in another when he came around in front of her and pulled her into his arms. He wasn’t gentle or sweet. The embrace was rough and harsh, just like he’d promised her, as he curled down and captured her mouth with his.

Hard. Fast. Deep and aggressive. It was the kind of kiss she’d always imagined the fantasy guy in her dreams giving her. The self-possessed man she’d conjured who wasn’t afraid to take, command, and lead her through the fires of hell to get to heaven.

Cool spearmint, lust, need and desire were all things she could taste on his tongue. Or was it hers? She couldn’t be sure. She only knew she didn’t want the fabulous experience to end. And when his hands landed on her ass, grabbing her butt-cheeks and squeezing them hard as he lifted her, she finally disobeyed him. She moved her hands from her thighs to his shoulders, hanging on for dear life as he hauled her up and fit her against his hardness, crushing her pelvis into his, rubbing and forcing her to grind on him, with such friction the strain of her shorts bunching between her legs nearly got her off.

“Do you like that, pet?”

She moaned, looking for more of his mouth, but he tilted his head back and out of reach. The denial only made her want him more. “Sir?”

“I want you to tell me you were wrong.”

She was practically climbing him in her frenzy to get closer to him, but he was stoic. Almost watchful. “Wrong about what?” She looked down, trying to figure out how she could get a better grip on his shirt when he said.

“You can’t stop me.”

What was that supposed to mean? She looked up. “Why would I want to stop you, sir?”

There was a sparkle in his eyes which made the grin tipping up one corner of his mouth, even more charming. “Although I love hearing you address me as sir, just this once I’m going to let you call me Z.”

Oh. My. God! He knew…


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