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October 29th 2014

Quick Update about the winners with a teaser!

December 15, 2014

teaser 1 TPD

Okay, I have notified the two winners and will post about that once I hear back from them. Congrats!

***update*** TLlauger won the quirky angel and Aussie girl won the 25.00 gift card! Congrats again!****

Also, I had a look at the responses I received on ARC requests. You guys are awesome btw! Looking at the list, I’ve decided to do more than the original ten I’d thought to do. Instead I’ll be sending out 30 as soon as I have the book back from the formatters. :) I’m sorry I can’t send to everyone who put in requests, but when I do this again, the guys who didn’t get an ARC this time, will get one next time, I promise. I’ve saved the list.

I really, REALLY appreciate you taking the time!

Now for a little slice of Riley’s life with Honey…

riley's truth

Tonight while I was cooking the potatoes, making the salad, and chopping the vegetables – because you know Honey was exhausted cooking the one meat item on the BBQ, I was looking around for an oven mitt. <- Again, because you know he needed my oven mitts to cook the meat. *shakes head* I go out onto the lanai and do the hair flick.

“Do you really need three oven mitts? Are you hiding an hand I’m not aware of?”

He pops his brows. “Not a hand.”

Okay, yeah. Nothing spells sexy to me than my guy standing over a smoking BBQ.

I shook my head, rolled my eyes, and then left because…well, I’m not a big fan of flirting over smelly meat. *shrug* could be me. Bah! I just read that line back! Hilarious. Smelly meat. I’m talking about chicken not, you know. Gee, you guys are bad! Anyway men have no problem about cook smells. If you don’t believe me read this. But back to the oven mitts.

There I was cooking up a storm, when Honey comes in and has the stupidest look on his face. I’m like, “What now?”

He says, “Guess what I found?”

Did I mention I don’t like to play guessing games when I have three different foods cooking at three different temperatures on the stove? “Can’t guess. Just tell me.”

Truthfully, I was expecting him to carry on with the direction of our earlier conversation and say something about his third hand needing attention. Instead he held up two matching oven mitts. Admittedly, one was darker with wear and age, while the other was pristine and beautiful.

“I found the missing link,” he announced. “There always was two of them. You owe your sister an apology.”

I didn’t really, because all the bitching I did – about her giving me a basket full of kitchen stuff all those years ago with only one oven mitt in it, I did behind her back. “Where the hell did it come from?” I’m thinking it was stuck in one of the drawers out in the BBQ area, but that didn’t explain why I’d never – and I mean never – seen the matching Eiffel Tower mitt in my life.

“It was stuck inside the other one.” He demonstrated and then said, “It’s a Christmas miracle.”

There I was thinking, the only miracle surrounding those mitts was the fact that I’d kept what I thought was only one for so long. If you guys knew how many times I picked that lone sucker up out of the drawer, wondering what my sister was thinking giving me one effing oven mitt, you’d die. The kids practically canonized it.

Oop, now that I think about it, I better tell the kids. They used to enjoy making up stories about it. How there was a whole line of kitchen products designed for a one armed chef who had a French fetish. Bummer. I bet they’re going to be disappointed to learn that the Eiffel Tower glove has a twin. Exciting, right?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either, but Honey did. There I was getting my hair steamed over the boiling potatoes while he made lobster claw moves with the glove through the window at me. That’s my life people! One solved mystery after another. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!






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The Contest And A Peek At The Cover Of My Next Release!!!!!

December 11, 2014

Hi guys! I told you this one was going to be easy. I will be drawing one winner from comments and one from my subscribers list on December 14th 2014. One lucky winner will win a 25.00 Amazon gift card and another will win one of Sidney’s (my heroine from A Perfect Holiday) quirky angels with decorative box and Godiva chocolate gems (click here) for pictures and details!

Yay! *Insert drum roll here* This is the cover for my short holiday story The Present Deal that will be released on the 18th. This time I’m doing something a little different. I’m offering a limited number of advanced reader copies (on a first come basis) for those who are interested. You’ll find the details below. Oh, and if you don’t know what to comment, but you want two chances to win, just leave a comment letting me know what you think of my new cover…or the excerpt. This book’s a steamy one!

cover 3

Sign-ups for advance copy reviews


 In order for both to win, one of them must lose, and it’s not going to be him….


 “Tell me, Ms. Crawford. Is there a point to this visit, or did you insist on meeting with me today in order to save my soul?”

“Tough to do that when you don’t have one.”

The silence that followed that statement got adrenaline coursing through me. I recognized very clearly why my heart rate was picking up speed. She’d verbally slapped me in the face and I wanted to slap her right back. I narrowed my eyes and spoke slowly. Softly. Carefully. “If you believed that then you shouldn’t have said it. A man with no soul is capable of doing the unthinkable. Is that what you want, Ms. Crawford? Me to do the unthinkable to you?”

“Maybe…for a price.”



Okay, I am handing out 10 advance eBook copies for review. If you’re interested, all you have to do is fill out this super-duper easy-peasy form and click submit.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



Request an advance copy of The Present Deal



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Congrats To The Winners!!!

December 8, 2014

IMG_3580Thanks so much for playing!!!

Rebecca who won the stuff in the picture above – the pen/magnets/books and various other goodies

Lauren who won the 50.00 gift card

Aleana, Sandy, and Jill, who won books and/or available audio copies of their choice!!!

Woo-Hoo! For those that didn’t win…yet. I’m posting a new contest on Thursday for commenters and subscribers. One lucky winner from each place. Which means if you leave a comment and you’re a subscriber your name gets entered twice for the draw!!! This will be a fast one. I’ll be drawing on Sunday Dec. 14th. That’s my anniversary! Well, mine and Honey’s. Twenty-nine years together, and I still crush on him. Love that! They’ll be a 25.00 Amazon gift card, and if you’ve read A Perfect Holiday, one of my heroine’s (Sidney’s) “quirky” angels will be up for grabs!!! This is her in her red and yellow poke-a-dot bikini. She comes with a decorative box (I tried to get a good shot of it) and some Godiva chocolate caramel gems! Yum!


photo_1 (17)photo_5 (5)IMG_3169

This is how she looks on the tree…and below is the decorative box (it’s hard so great for storage)

photo_3 (11)

Now for a little Honey story.

domestic dispute

To set this up, Honey and I went away for Thanksgiving. This time, my mom stayed home, so we decided to drive. The ride up to Georgia was pretty uneventful. We got to shoot the breeze and catch up with stuff so it was nice. But then…

It was time for the drive home. *shakes head*

Why is it when you go away you’re totally cool with the trip there until you have to return? I mean, it’s the same distance – the same amount of time spent together- so why not shoot the breeze and have fun heading home too? *looks up while I wait for the universe to throw me the answer* Nope, I got nothing. Apparently the universe had the same attitude Honey had when we drove home last week. Silent. *le sigh*

So picture this. Me in the passenger seat pointing out stupid landmarks and asking even stupider questions. You know, those ones you already have the answers to, but you’re just trying to fill time and hear something else besides your own thoughts? Now picture this, Honey grunting, nodding, or giving me answers that are short and sweet – I hate those. Can you spell “followed by awkward silence”? Anyway, it’s at this point I start to get bored. <- Hey, we were 8 hours into our 12 hour drive, so I figured I did fairly well until noticed…  >:)

“You’re going over the speed limit. You may want to slow down.”

Silence. Followed by more silence for several minutes. So, you know I had to go on…

“Speed limit is 70.” I annoyingly pointed out.

“Who’s driving?”

“You, but not very well. Is that a cop?”

Honey doesn’t even take his eyes off the road. “Nice try. Why don’t you read something? Better yet, why don’t you read something to me?”

His tone was so pleasant it grated on my nerves. He may as well as well have said, “Just sit there and look beautiful” It really pissed me off. “Why? So you can ignore that too?”

No answer. *insert me thinking  #@!#@!$! here* But then I see a real cop with a nice big radar detector pointed at us. “Speed trap!” I yell. <- Yeah, I have no idea why I do that. It isn’t like the driver (Honey in this case) sitting next to me can’t hear me at a normal level. I continue in a louder tone of voice while we speed right by the stealthily nested cop. “Didn’t you see him? Why didn’t you slow down? You’re going to get a ticket!”

He pats my knee. *insert me blackly scowling here because I hate that gesture too* and when he says, “Take it easy. Unless the guy’s car can levitate, I highly doubt he’ll be chasing us down. There was not only a guardrail, but chain-link fencing in between him and the highway.”

Okay, truth be told, I did see the rail, but not the chain-link. It didn’t stop me from grumbling, “He could call ahead to one of his buddies. He could relay the color and make of our car. The guy could be right over the next rise.” Of which there wasn’t one, but I wasn’t about to give this up being knee-deep in it already.

Honey snorts. “Call ahead? Oh yeah, I can hear him now.” He continues in a very official sounding voice that made me smile. “Adam 12? You there? Nab the car behind the hummer. Forget that the hummer is clipping along at 10 more miles an hour than the car. What do you mean you don’t see it? It’s not hard to miss. It’s the vehicle where the guy is expertly driving while his wife is wagging her finger at him and  bitching up a storm. Do the poor bastard a favor and pull him over so he can get fresh air and some distance from the harpy. He’s probably got one helluva a headache listening to that in such close quarters.”

By the time he got done with his sarcastic rant, I was drumming my fingers on the door handle, trying to contain my frustration. He thought he was so funny. That’s when I thought about frustration and made my decision. He’d said he wanted me to read him something, so I sure would. I pulled out my next story, The Present Deal, and began to read. Did I mention that it’s very, VERY, erotic for the first 4 chapters? No? Well, it is. *beams* Frustrated? Yup, he was. He also wasn’t laughing by the time I got to the end of the 4th chapter -that ends on a rather breathless cliffhanger, because I refused to read any more to him. This certainly fixed the problem with him being silent. For the rest of the way home he kept trying to guess what came next. Wrong EVERY time! Of course, I didn’t tell him the rest of the story, and I won’t. For the first time ever, I told him he’d have to buy the book to find out. Heheheh. His answer to that?

“From now on, we’re flying.”

*Looks right at you and scratches my head* Is that a bad thing? I didn’t think so. But then, if you read my blog you should know I never let him get the last word in. ;) So I refocused in on him, and said, “Great. Providing you’re not the pilot flying the plane, I’m in.”

He didn’t say anything to that which kind of has me worried. Honey has a habit of turning my putdown quips into a personal challenge. *insert me thinking for a millisecond here and then the light bulb clicking on!* Eek! I better alert the children now that I think about it. Honey’s very devious about these kinds of things. Usually he enlists the kids help via having them gift him with things – in this case? Flying lessons so I won’t be able to say no! Actually, it would be more like me saying, “Over my dead body” but you get the point. If the kids get involved I’ll be screwed…Got run. Oh, but don’t forget to check back on Thursday for the next contest.





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And The Winner Is….

November 22, 2014


Yay! Jennifer B you won Myrtie!

A big congrats to all the winners so far!

Jessica who won an eBook copy of Stare Her Down

Tamara who won a 25.00 Amazon gift card

Kristina who won a copy of Reclaimed Surrender

Alina who won an eBook copy of Stare Her Down

Michelle who won a signed copy of Reputable Surrender

Sandy who won a 25.00 amazon gift card

Monique who won a signed copy of Stare Her Down

We still have this up for grabs:


This drawing will take place at the end of the month – I got my proofs of Stare Her Down so there will be a copy of that book included. All my subscribers and everyone who comment on that original post are included in the draw. If you want to subscribe to play along with all my giveaways, great. If not, but you still want to play, just go here and leave a comment. :)

Also, if you haven’t entered this drawing yet – there’s $$ and prizes too. Click on the Night Owl link here to enter the rafflecopter:



What’s next? Well, I’ll tell you….


photo (12)

Fred The turtle

Myrtie and Fred are both mysteriously missing at my house. Me thinks Honey has sent them away to parts unknown again. So, I’m going to make you a deal. When they do reappear, I’ll do another giveaway for one of Myrtie’s cousins. This will be for all my subscribers and anyone who leaves a comment on that particular post, so check back.



I am also going to do a giveaway when A Perfect Holiday releases in Audio format (should be around Dec.1st or so, for one of Sidney (my heroine’s) quirky angels. There’s a story about this particular book, and the “quirky angel”, but I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog.

Here’s a teaser


Next up is my newest holiday story. It’s a hot and steamy one!!!

Here’s a teaser for that one

tpd promo-001

This was should be all nice and shiny by Dec. 1st.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And good luck with the next wave of giveaways!


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Did I Do That???

November 14, 2014

photo (17)

I don’t even have to think. *raises hand and does that annoying ooh-ooh in the classroom until the teacher points to me and I emphatically shout* “Yes!”

If you’ve been following the case of the ice “you-know-whats” great, if not here’s the rundown. A few months ago I realized that I had a haunted oven. True story, you can read about it here. Anyways, I bugged Honey and he got me a new stove. Yay! But then something really odd happened. My icemaker started acting up. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I write erotic romance, so check these out and tell me if my little haunted ghostie guy didn’t jump the proverbial burner right into the ice. *leans in to whisper* I think the little devil was trying to schmooze me with these delectable suckers, but I digress.

photo_2 (14)

This is how these little beauties played out between Honey and me. When the male members start multiplying I start snapping shots of them. Then I started to show Honey the pictures. The first time he doesn’t even blink, when he says, “Interesting.

Pick one

The second time he frowns and points out a node. “This mold is defective. It looks like the guy has syphilis.” <- Which, you know, is absolutely stunning when you think in terms of throwing these babes into your drink. See?

mother's day dick drink


But that’s when I tell him that they weren’t coming out of kinky molds. The ice maker was making them (I added the “for me” part just to bug him, and it did). This is when he announced he was going to order a new machine.

Great. Only the new one that arrived was damaged, so we had to send it back. Then the second one that came wasn’t the right model so Honey sent that back too. Then? Then the customer service representative did something to make Honey mad so he cancelled the order altogether. *shakes head* Did I mention Honey doesn’t handle incompetent well? *looks right at you* Seriously, he’s bad when he gets mad because he goes quiet and before you know it people are apologizing, but he never changes his mind in the end. That’s the bad part.

Long story to this very short problem? I still, through no fault of my own, have the haunted ice maker, so when I complained about it the other day, Honey said something he shouldn’t have. He said, and I quote:

“I’ll make you a deal. The day that effing thing produces a real man size one, I’ll change the machine. Otherwise, we’ll just wait until the New Year as planned, and buy a whole new refrigerator.”

Yeah, there were two things wrong with that the way I saw it. One? There was nothing the matter with our current fridge besides the peen-producer and two? I didn’t want to wait until the New Year to get perfect ice. Hello? I’ve got the holidays coming up and people like non-erotic ice. Can you imagine me sticking this into my neighbor’s gin and tonic? They already have enough chit-chat going on about Honey and I they don’t need any more. Trust me.

mother's day dick drink 2

So there I am thinking. *tapping index nail on front tooth whilst I burn the midnight oil trying to come up with something to fix this so I get what I want and…Bam* I decide I’m going to order what Honey accused me of doing in the first place, using manual ice molds that maketh the dicketh. I was so excited about the prospect until it came to me. With my *cough, cough* robust computer skills and paint shop, why I could photoshop my way into a new machine! *beams* Brilliant right? *Stands at attention and gives you a very formal salute while I announce* Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Richard The Mega-Dong, but we’re going to call him Dick. :D Can’t wait to show Honey tonight. Heheheh.



Thanks for stopping by.



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