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February 2014

Meet Michael and Laren in Reputable Surrender

April 23, 2014

Michael and Laren #1


“All right. Enough.” He gave her arm a gentle squeeze and added, “Let it go.”

All of a sudden she stopped struggling and turned on him. “Why? Are you just going to let him walk out those doors and leave?”

There was an authoritative edge to her voice that didn’t thrill him. It didn’t stop his heart from pounding with a need to get closer to her though, and how fucked up was that? “Absolutely. Unless you think it’s a better idea that I demand he stay and possibly paddle your ass for being the belligerent brat he accused you of being.”

“So, you are his buddy.”

It was hard to grin under the mask and yet, he did it anyways. “No, but I could be yours if you holster the anger and behave yourself.”


These guys are SO much fun! I just love them! I will be doing a cover reveal soon and can’t wait for that. Also, I have a couple of giveaways currently running on Goodreads and I will post the links for those within the next day or two. :)

Do you want to know how brilliant Honey is? I told him I was doing 2 giveaways on goodreads for an autographed print copy of Stare Me Down and Requested Surrender and he said that I should do a giveaway for an autographed print copy of Reputable Surrender for just you guys here on the blog – before/or right when the print version hits the stores. I thought about that for a milli-second and decided I would. So be on the look out for that too. :)

Hope you’re all having a great week! I am because I know you guys are going to love Michael and Laren. This story is so sexy and fun. Well, emotional too, and…Gah! All I say is I can’t wait for you to meet them. That is all. :D


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Coming soon! Reputable Surrender

April 20, 2014


Michael and Laren’s story!

Just click on the picture and you’ll see a little video snippet of Reputable Surrender! If you look real hard you might even catch a glimpse at the end of my cover!!! I LOVE it! :)

I will also be posting teasers and if I have the time some “free reads” too.


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Oh Really????

April 17, 2014

perfect for me

That said, I’m just as surprised about what comes out of Honey’s mouth. >.< Take for instance our conversation on the drive home yesterday. I had just finished detailing to him the brilliant <- it was too, fix I had for a plot problem and here’s the conversation:


“Isn’t that great? It fixes everything.”


Him, nodding sagely. “It sure does. But then so would having her sleep with a closet cross dressing Godzilla creature who cries when he wets his scaly skirt.”


Picture my head whipping around as I stare at his profile. My mouth is hanging open and I’m frowning before I manage to shake off the shock. Meh, throw in a gasp too, because ti was bad people. seriously. “You…you don’t like my fix?”


“I hate your fix. Think about it. If she…”


Well, I can’t go on because it would ruin a story, but dammit! The guy was right. Now, tell me. How can a guy who puts Godzilla in a skirt be right? I had no idea, but then I heard about the blood moon phenomenon and I realized it wasn’t once in a blue moon he’d be right. It was once in a red moon. Heheheh. He didn’t think that was funny when I told him, but I did.

How was your week?

Riley who is still ruminating about a decent fix for a heroine I’m rapidly coming to adore.


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We have a winner!

April 11, 2014

Congrats to Susan Fry! You win the big box of cool stuff. I hope you like it! :)

packed with good stuff

Also, just to let you know – I have another box, it’s smaller (just by a little bit) but I’m going to fill it with cool stuff too and do another drawing for you guys soon. So be on the look out for that date.

Oh, and I will also be doing my own drawings occasionally (here instead of just on goodreads) for my autographed print books. Hey, Let’s start now. The first one (besides Susan) to leave a comment will get an autographed print copy of Requested Surrender. :)

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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Should I Write It???

April 10, 2014

You tell me…


I want to try something a little different and run this kind of story by you guys. Honey actually dared me to write it and…well, did I ever mention that I can’t resist a dare? I’m working on this one, but I’m wondering how much this will appeal to my readers. *leans in to whisper* I know a lot of you guys like the male Dom aspect of my stories. That’s why – before I get too carried away with writing this one I thought I’d get some opinions. You can leave what you think in comments or you can just shoot me an email. Either way I’d appreciate it. So here goes. Oh, and please keep in mind that this stuff is raw. As in, you’re the first to see it. No beta readers or editors. Just little old me and now you. :) *Takes a deep breath* Okay, meet my Millionaires! Oops! Getting ahead of myself. I haven’t taken over Patty’s show…yet. >:) No really, meet my potential hero and heroine for a story titled: Par For The Course.

Here’s the potential blurb:

Parker Love is screwed. He used up his last “free pass” with the golf tour officials after his latest disgrace. Now they don’t care how talented he is because rumor has it, if he doesn’t clean up his act immediately, he’ll be kicked off. Only problem? The rules stipulate he needs an assistant. He should have kept his hands off his last one…but then, if he had, there wouldn’t have been a scandal to recover from, would there?

In desperate need of money to save her business Claire Borrows agrees to do what none of her colleagues dared. She contracts to become this high-profile PR nightmare’s personal assistant for the duration of the tour. How hard can it be to keep this mega-rich bad-boy on the straight and narrow? Not that she’d ever let on that she was a Domme, but wasn’t she used to her men doing what she wanted? Problem is, he isn’t her man, so when he continues to behave badly, risking her livelihood, she does what she swore she’d never do, and systematically turns a “vanilla” on to the lifestyle with the noble intention of teaching him to be a better man. His first lesson? Tackling the concept of privacy.

For Parker, living in the limelight twenty-four-seven was a given as he never had a reason to close that door until she came into his life. Now for the first time in a decade he’s found something he wants to protect – a peace so profound there’s not much that can shatter it until he learns what the driving force is behind Claire’s sexy tutoring. When the truth comes out, will the benefits allow him to appreciate her efforts, or will he be too teed off to care?

Here’s a snippet of the story:

“You can’t enjoy fame unless you appreciated it,” she told him.

“If you think I’m ungrateful you’re wrong. I love being famous.”

“Fame and famous are two different things. As to what I think? I think you don’t have the foggiest clue what fame is.”

He curled down over her, and whispered, “Fame is the resonate actions of all you do.”

She held his heated gaze for a long moment and then countered, “No, that’s the path to infamy.” Without looking away, she slipped her hand over his broad shoulder and up the back of his neck until her fingers sank into his hair. When her palm was buried deep in the silky mass, she made a fist and held on tight. “Fame is nothing more than being adored by people you don’t know.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

He stared at her lips so she smiled. “You’ll see. I want to know you. And when I do, trust me, the high you get from that experience will outshine everything that’s come before. All your pushover assistants and each one of your overanxious groupies will pale in comparison to what I’m going to be to you. You want to know why? You’re going to have to work hard to earn the privilege to be in my bed. To be granted permission to slip your hand up my skirt. To touch me. To kiss me. Do you understand?” She gave his hair a tug.

It was his turn to smile even as a challenging gleam shone bright in azure eyes. “Oh yeah, I understand.”

But she knew that he didn’t. Not yet. Soon he would. Very, very, soon.

And here’s the start of the first chapter. Let me know what you think. :)

Claire braced herself before she slid her key card into the mechanism to open the door to his suite. For thrity seven days, a little over a month now, she’d been biting her tongue and turning a blind eye. And, if she hoped to keep her job, that’s exactly what she’d continue to do for the rest of the tour. That is, if they didn’t get kicked off it first.

“A fool with lots of money fans himself with it in front of a crowd,” she muttered under her breath as she stepped in and let the door sweep closed behind her.

“No, no, I was talking about the redhead in Cincinnati. She was cute. I did her twice. What was her name again?”

“Shelly.” She heard Parker Love loudly yawn before he added, “I liked her sister better.”

Claire didn’t doubt that. Parker was never satisfied with what he had in hand. He was easily bored and whether it was a woman or a golf score, there was always something better that he wanted. She’d give him credit though, unlike his player-ass friend, Parker always remembered the names of the women he slept with. Claire suspected he did this so he could be sure not to pick up his cell when they inevitably stalked him after they were dumped.

“Ms. Borrows, is it that time again?”

Claire nodded and went straight to the cherry-wood desk to drop off his itinerary. She wasn’t going to be drawn into discussing more than the personal appearances he had booked for today. Every time she veered off the business path ever so slightly, she was tempted to set him straight and she often wondered how he’d feel about that?

Out of the corner of her eye she watched him unfurl from his cat-like sprawl on the couch to stand. He hadn’t shaved and he was wearing the same jeans and white polo shirt he’d had on at dinner last night. Probably shacked up with one of the local waitresses. Lord knew she’d spied at least three of them drooling over him when she walked by the restaurant earlier in the evening.

“Hey Luke,” Parker pulled the Xbox controller out of his friends hands, and said, “I’ll catch you later. I’ve got some business stuff to do.”

“Yeah, sure.” Luke got up and as he had to walk by her on his way to the door, she spun around. Watching as he politely nodded her way and then quickly put his head down, before he hurried to leave. Smart boy.

“I think he’s afraid of you.”

Normally Claire would have smiled at a comment like that, but coming from him she wasn’t amused. She wasn’t happy either when she saw him grinning. The guy needed—no, she wasn’t going there. Not with him.

“What’s on for today?” He stared right at her as he came forward. Not a flinch or a blink as he stopped less than a foot from her and looked down. Not at her face, but at her breasts. He did it on purpose and that’s why she didn’t react to it.

“Schedule’s fairly light. You have a poolside with channel eight at noon and then a short bio piece with an AP reporter in the lounge at four.”

“Wonderful.” He reached around her to pick up the notes she’d made for his interviews and being so close, she caught the scent of his cologne. He always smelled great which really aggravated her since she couldn’t enjoy it. “Should I study these?”

He didn’t straighten only tilted his head so his dark hair slid over an eye as he looked at her. All boyish and charming—she gave him the once over and decided he pulled off exactly the good-boy image his PR agent was going for. But she knew what was hidden under his preppy polo shirt. One thought of those bold tribal tattoos had her heart pounding while she licked her lips.

“Why do you do that?” he whispered.

Caught. Her gaze lifted and didn’t waver as she replied, “They’re chapped.”

A corner of his mouth tipped up in a smile. “They don’t look dry to me.” He searched her face and leaned closer. His voice no more than a husky purr, “I suspect there isn’t much on you that is dry.”

“And I suspect it’s conversations like this that caused your two previous assistants to quit.”

There was dead silence for a full beat and then he straightened and shook his head, sending thick onyx waves scattering in a sexy and disorganized mess over his ears and against his temples. With the blunt angles of his unshaven cheeks and jaw covered in dark shadows, she acknowledged that he was pure erotic chaos just waiting to be leashed. Did he know what kind of vibes he was putting out that she’d instinctively responded to?

“You’re half right about those assistants. It wasn’t the conversations per se, but what took place after them that had them quitting.”

Her pulse raced and she ignored it. “Out of the two of us, Mr. Love, I’d put bets on you quitting before I did. Besides, with no one willing to work with you I was able to charge an exorbitant fee and there isn’t much that would force me to walk away before I collected every penny of it.”

She stood her ground patiently waiting until he stepped back and gave her room. She didn’t need it, but she wanted it and when he did, the muscles in her midsection and much lower tingled and thrummed to life. She was lightheaded and breathless as she turned to leave. Damn. It was always the same with them and despite her saying she wouldn’t walk away? Well, if she had a fear this was it, because the raw attraction between them was growing stronger no matter how hard she tried to push it aside. Lately she’d begun telling herself that a drop-dead gorgeous heartbreaker with enough money to buy a small country wasn’t ready for her kind of special, and yet he’d finally ceded to her. He’d backed off. Beautifully.


Without another glance his way, she left and closed the door. But by the time she got to elevator she realized he’d been right about one thing.

She was wet.



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