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November 11 2015

PERSUADED Made the Top 100 bestselling list in both US & Canada! Let’s celebrate!

November 17, 2015

pushed cover edge2-001

Downloads218But first a Honey story…Trust me. It’s relevant. >.< 

So…Honey stands in front of me last night and says, “What do you think?”

Naturally I reply, “I think it needs more salt.” *Leans in to whisper to you* I was cooking and the vegetables did need more and being that he was right in the way, what else was I going to say, right?

He shakes his head. “No, I meant about me.”

Hm, okay. I stopped what I was doing and gave him the once over. “I don’t see anything different. Did you get a new haircut?”

“No, I’m taking protein supplements.”

Me, blink, blink. “You are? Right now?” *insert me looking around here* Then, “I don’t see them.”

“I make a shake every morning. I’m going to be ripped in no time.”

Okay, seriously? *Imagine me wandering right to where you are here, but I’m staggering a little because I’m stunned with disbelief over his arrogance.* Every morning? I was only gone two mornings and now he’s a health nut swilling back the magic Elixir that’s going to turn him into Joe Manganiello? *Imagine me sobering up enough to march back to him*

“So, that’s how it’s going to be, eh?”

He nods. “Afraid so. It will only be a matter of days I’ll be God-like.”

Days? “You don’t say.”

He looks right at me. “I do say. Three days tops and I’ll be walking on water.”

I wanted to laugh so badly. He’s can be such an ass when he wants to be. But I kept it together until he asked, “That won’t bother you, will it?”

At that point I had to laugh because I got this really great visual of him walking on water with a flowing white robe on and a basket in his hand. “Not. At. All. Listen, JC – can I call you that? Whilst you’re walking the liquid rim, could you catch a salmon and do the multiplying trick with it? It would save me time and whole bunch of money when we have our company over for dinner on Friday. Oh, and if you could scrounge up some wine,” I eyed him from head to toe and back again, “from some sacred place, that would be appreciated too. Now, could you please move your God-like self out of my way so I can get the salt.”

“Sure.” He didn’t miss a beat. “I’ll get what you need for Friday. What kind of wine? Red or white? And what kind of salmon? Alaskan?”

“I’ll leave that up to you divine one. Surprise me.”

When he agreed too quickly I got that bad feeling I usually got when he was going to do something man-like. I finished with the salt and spun around. “But hey, no buying whatever’s on sale. Swear to me you won’t do that again.” *Looks right at you* Some surprises in our house are literally hard to swallow. I send him to the store for fillets and he comes home with mystery meat that has so many adjectives I fall asleep reading the list of them on the label! Bone-in, rib cap off, center, butt, tender, blah, garbage, blah, rip off, blah, meat.

He freaking shrugged. Shrugged! And then he says, “Even God likes a bargain occasionally.”

Translation? I’ll be cooking tilapia and serving bottled beer.

Hell no!

When I told him this, do you know what he said?

“Amen to that, sister.”

Tosses white flag and contemplates making reservations for all of us. #$@#@!

So…what does this have to do with PERSUADED making the Bestseller lists in two countries? Simple. The joy I’ve experienced over it has persuaded me not to bop him one with the crappy fish he’s sure to bring home to me on Friday. Can’t make the same promise about the beer unless I finally hit the top seller’s list in the UK. 😉 Boy, that would be something.

Now, back to business.

We still have our build a giveaway. I promised to take pictures of the item I wanted to add, but before I do let’s look at all the items we have so far. Here they are:

photo 1 (21)

photo 3 (14)

photo 2 (20)

photo 1 (30)-001

photo 1 (31)

photo 1

This is what I’m adding. I love these chocolate covered blueberries! They’re the best!

photo (38)

As a reminder. We also have an 25.00 Amazon gift card to be emailed to the winner separately.

I also need to show you what’s in the Paris box. I’ll do that on the day of our drawing!

Okay, that’s our build a giveaway. If you’re one of my subscribers you already have one chance to win and if you’ve left a comment on my giveaway posts you have added more chances to win. It’s still not to late to play. You can sign up if you haven’t already done so or you can check out the posts about the give away. Easy-Peasy.

This giveaway today is outside of the build a giveaway. Chances to win are comment specific. In that, if you leave a comment your name goes into the hat for a chance to win these two things below. Meaning? If only 7 people comment then only 7 people are entered. Pretty good odds I’d say. :)

*Rubs hands together* What’s up for grabs?

A 25.00 visa gift card and a signed copy of Pushed to be snail mailed to the winner.


I will be doing the drawing for this one on Friday November 20th, 2015

For our build a giveaway? I’ll be doing that on Sunday 22nd! That’s when you get to see the last item to be included.

Good luck! And thanks for stopping by.


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November 9, 2015


3 days persuaded

Will be released in 3 days!!!!  IT’S AVAILABLE NOW!!!

amazon buy link

So we have a couple of things to discuss. First what do I have to add to the giveaway. Alrighty!

Click here to see what’s already in the giveaway…

Here the latest item added…

photo 1 (11)


I know. A mystery box. How frustrating.

Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of what’s inside. 😀 Guess what? Tomorrow is today because I’m updating it right now!

Here is one of the items to be included in the box. There are two more and I’ll post them over the next couple of days.


It’s a dog tag that says: “YOU HAD ME AT SPANK!” I love these…

Now onto my latest Honey dilemma. While I was doing the final check of Persuaded on Saturday my lovely man decided to streamline a few things. He started in the kitchen. *Looks right at you and mouths* The. Kitchen.

What does this mean? Well for starters, I have all my pots, but only half the lids. Why? According to Honey he has never seen me use the two biggest lids and they took up a lot of space in our cupboards, so he boxed them up.

There’s me thinking. Hm. I make beef stew and sauces in those big pots with lids so…?

I’ve already told you that he boxed up all my book swag, right? I thought that was going to kill me, but wait. There’s more.

He packed up my shoes! My fall shoes! The ones I wear a lot!

Excuse me while I hyperventilate for a moment.


Now let me share with you our rather brusque talk.

Here’s me pacing back and forth while I attempt to remain calm. “So let me get this straight. You packed up the hall closet? Everything?”

He nodded and then imagine him trying to look around me as I pace. He was still invested in watching the golf. Obviously he does not give a rat’s patootie about my precious footwear. I know this because he drawled, “Sure. Problem?”

I had/have a problem all right and it was sitting in a nice comfy chair. How did our one room redo turn into a full house remodel? That’s what I wanted to know. Between cabinets not arriving on time and flooring being a different and unacceptable dye lot, I’m living in contained chaos here.

“Yes, there’s a problem.” I stopped pacing and I could have gone after him over the shoe and pot lid issues as separate things, but now that I’ve finished Persuaded and I’m – for lack of a better description – paying attention to what’s going on around my place, I figured I’d tackle him on the root of the issue and not the small branches connected to it. “You’ve taken advantage of the situation. I told you I wasn’t ready to do this and here we are in a full-blown remodel.”

He turned the golf off and said, “I was provoked.”

Interesting. “By me?”

“By the situation. We needed to bite the bullet and do these things, but you’ve been busy working so…”

Blink, blink.So? So what? While I was locked in the cave on deadlines you took it upon yourself to make the final decisions without me?”

“No.” He sat forward and shook his head in such a way I wanted to stomp my foot and tear my hair out at the same time. “I pushed you to make those decisions with me. I may have persuaded you, but ultimately we made them together. You’ll like living here when it’s all done.”

The only thing I heard was, we made them together? Suddenly all those times he leaned into my office, through the doorway and asked me things I didn’t even hear over my characters talking to me, popped into my head. The man was an evil genius. And he was smiling. Grrr… I was so frustrated I muttered under my breath, “And maybe you’d like to live in hell, after I tell you to go there.”

All he did was smile and say, “I’d love to, but Satan still has that restraining order on me, so no can do.”

Oh, he was very funny to use a joke I mentioned to him last week. “Not very original.”

That’s when he pulled me down onto his lap and chuckled. “Yeah, I know. But it was original of me to get your book titles into our argument. After all they were the inspiration of my dastardly renovation deeds.”

And there’s me blink, blink, then recalling his words. Provoked, Pushed and Persuaded? “Son of a bi*ch! You did!”

*Shakes head*

I was too impressed to remain mad at him for long. Of course I made him find my shoes and I changed my mind on one of the biggest alterations he wanted to make in our home so, yeah. Next time I’m sure he’s going to think twice about going rogue on packing up our belongings and adding more to our remodeling list.

Yep. Just wait until tonight when he finds out he’s not getting his favorite dinner and rolls because *gasp* I have no lid to cover the pot I was going to make the beef stew in. 😉

Thanks for stopping by,

Riley – who is going to take a month off and reclaim her house. I now have a very good understanding of how countries get taken over. The supreme leader looks away for a millisecond and some upstart sneaks in with a flag and tries to plant it. It ain’t happening here people. Not if I can help it. Mawahhh…. *Coughs and then clears throat* Sorry about that, but I need to brush up on my evil laugh if I’m going to scare the upstart with the flag. He’s very persistent. ;D

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What??? Who’s Coming Over Tomorrow? And another item added to our giveaway

October 30, 2015

photo 1 (31)

Before I get to the post, here is what I’m adding to our giveaway. A little (it’s very small and lacy) dragonfly book marker. I ordered these because there’s a scene in PERSUADED that Greyson…Well, I’m not going to spoil it, but he’s a very clever and inventive guy. That’s all I’m saying :) and I wanted to use the dragonfly motif a little. These bookmarks are smaller/more delicate than I would have liked, but they’re still adorable. For those of you who don’t know what’s already in our giveaway, read about here. Rules are simple. Leave a comment and each time you do your name goes into the hat. If you’re signed up for my mailing list you already have one entry. Good luck!!!

So let me set this one up for you. I took the afternoon to connect with a very talented author I’ve been dying to meet for quite some time now. Ms. Desiree Holt and I had a terrific lunch together. She was everything I imagined she would be. Smart, funny, and down-to-earth. We’ve already decided we’re going to be great friends. So excited about that. Did I mention that she writes steamy romances with strong alpha males and heroines to fall in love with? She does. Her stories are hot, hot, HOT. :) So yeah, we have a lot to talk to talk about when we get together. Heh. I’ll keep you guys posted.

But for now, back to me coming home. Where to start? Let me see…

I walked through the door and when my poochie greeted me she started making all kinds of noise that translated would go something like this: “Where have you been? I thought you left me? Where did you go? I’m so glad you’re home. Daddy fixed me dinner and it sucked. How could you leave an important job like that up to him? I missed you. How much did you miss me? How much? How much? HEY! Don’t pay attention to Daddy! I’m here. Pet me. Me! Me!”

*Looks right at you and hikes a brow* I think I need to get out more. The poor pooch almost had a heart attack. No word of a lie. So, where was I? Oh, yeah, back to the next catastrophe. I know what you’re thinking. What did Honey do now?

*Pulls up a chair and sits down to tell you*

Honey decided out of the clear blue to change over the laundry I had started before I left. Unfortunately, bleach is not his friend and now it’s my new enemy as he ruined another set of sheets. I was so bummed about that, and can I just say, I hate hearing the phrase, “Don’t freak out but…”

Why? Because you gotta know the second I hear those words I’m worried.

So there I am listening to the pooch crying so hysterically with joy that I’m home she’s almost passing out at my feet, and Honey bitching about bleach not having enough warning labels on the bottle. <-Yeah, don’t ask about that one – and I’m ready to go hide.

I couldn’t do that though because it was time for dinner, and just as I’m asking Honey if he’s called my mom over, she arrives. I was going to wave a hello, when Honey puts a hand on my arm and says, “About your mom. We have to talk.”

That’s when I hear Mom call, “Did Honey tell you about tomorrow?”

I looked up at him and he’s scowling so I know whatever he has to share is not something I’ll be looking forward to. “What happened?”

“Your mother answered the landline today.”

And there I am bracing myself and wondering why she did it. She has her own cell phone for emergencies and I’ve told her a thousand times. Do not pick up the house phone when I’m out. If my car breaks down or I’m ever in an accident or something I WOULD NOT call her – I’d call everyone, and I mean everyone before I ever thought to call her. She just doesn’t understand her limitations. Even if I did call her for…I don’t know, some reason, say my cell auto dialed the number and all I could do was shout out my location because I was pinned under the wheel of my vehicle, she wouldn’t know how to hang up so she could dial 911. Scratch that. It would take her twenty minutes to find a pen to write down my location because she can’t remember so well. I’d be a non-breathing pancake squashed under that rubber, and she’d still be heavily breathing into the phone bitching about why there’s never a pen around when you need one

*Lets out a deep sigh and then shakes head* The God’s honest truth? She’s a little optimistic about her current physical abilities. That’s all I can say. The other day when Honey was on the ladder cleaning out the gutters, she opened her sliding door and yelled up at him. “You shouldn’t be on the ladder with no one spotting you. You want me to come out and hold it for you?”

And there’s me thinking, great idea if you can let go of you walker long enough.


So yeah, I may have to rethink this one. We thought we had the phone problem licked when we shut off the ringer, but the line is connected through our cable and being that she watches the news all day – she sees the incoming calls pop up on her TV screen. It makes absolutely no sense that she’d want to pick up a call from Carlsbad CA. She doesn’t know anyone in California. But then, that’s me trying to make sense out of this. I asked her once and she basically told me that her second cousin – twice removed – mentioned once 60 years ago that he wanted to go to California and it could have been him calling.

*Insert me sagely nodding over that one here* Why? For starts that was the last time she’d talked to the guy and when I did the math on that cousin she was talking about? He’d be 102 years old today.


So yeah, I may have to rethink this one. But back to me bracing myself…

“What about tomorrow?”

Honey points in Madge’s direction and shrugs. “You may want to ask your mom. From what I figure we have an insulation contractor coming to sell us on a job tomorrow afternoon.”

“Insulation? We don’t need insulation.”

Honey made a face that said, “You’re trying to find the logic? Silly woman.”

So I walk into the family room prepared to get to the bottom of this latest dilemma in my life.

“Mom? Did you answer the phone and schedule an appointment with an insulation contractor to come here tomorrow?”

My mom parks her walker and sits down. “Insulation? I thought he was a window guy?”

I look back at Honey who by now is scowling. This is not good people. We don’t need new windows either.

“Did you get their contact information?” I’m thinking I’ll just call in the morning and cancel.

“Yes. His name is Eric. He’ll be here at two o’clock sharp.”

“Did you write down his number?”

“No. I couldn’t find a pen.”

Which meant she didn’t get his company name either. Perfect.

Even more perfect? By the time dinner was over with and we got the full story from her, I now knew we could be expecting an insulation guy, a window guy, or a man selling life insurance.

*Le sigh*

So, um, if any of you happen to know an Eric who either installs insulation or windows and may have a sideline business selling insurance in the Tampa Bay area could you please tell him his appointment at two sharp has been cancelled?

I told Madge last night that I was going to turn him away when he showed up and she wasn’t happy about it. Why? Go figure. Seems Eric is the salt of the earth and a very nice man.

Hm…And there’s me wondering. Exactly how long did my mom chat with the guy?

Anyways, all is right with the world today. This morning when I went over to check on her she asked me to do her hair. Why? We have company coming at noon. >.<

Alrighty then. She can’t even remember the right time for the wrong guy who’s showing up to sell us a mystery product. Fantastic!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. PERSUADED is getting the final polishes. I will post as soon as it’s live on Amazon. I can’t wait for this one to release. Early readers have given me the best feedback. A couple of my favorite comments? (I put this one in the book video) “It’s Basic Instinct meets Romancing the Stone!” What I didn’t put in there was the second part to her comment which was “I am in #$@!%$# LUST with Greyson!” Heh. I loved reading that. The second email I adored from another reader was: “Riley I can’t…I can’t even. This book. THIS BOOK!!! And I’m only on chapter seven! So yeah, I’m super excited about you guys meeting my guys. 😀














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How many inches is it????

October 20, 2015

domestic dispute

So there we were. Me and Honey sitting down with a cocktail over the weekend and making plans to redo the master bath. Yeah, I know, I’m a glutton for punishment given that I’ve been living in a state of remodel for months now, but what the heck, right? What’s another month or two? >.<

Honey lists my options really fast. *Looks right at you* Seriously like lightning because, well, he could talk about these kinds of construction details in his sleep. Me? Not so much. Here’s the conversation.

“How wide?”

He holds his hands apart and says, “Thirty inches.” Then he adjusts them to be wider and shrugs, “Or maybe thirty six.”

I wanted to see thirty again, so I tilted my head and motioned. “Show me the first measurement again.”

He does and it doesn’t look like 30 it looks like 36. *Turns and narrows my eyes at you* Did I ever tell you about the time Honey talked me into getting dresser for one of our children’s room by selling me on the measurement only it wasn’t the right measurement? In that he said it was going to be 45 inches wide and he showed me 45 inches on the wall we were going to put it up against, but when the darn thing arrived, it was like 65 inches and looked like complete crap on that wall? No, *slowly turns back to him with those same narrow eyes, and continues speaking to you out of the corner of my mouth* It happened, and it’s not going to happen again. Promise.

“That’s not 30 inches. It looks like 36.”

He rolls his eyes. “It’s 30.”

“I don’t believe you.”

He hikes a brow and says, “Go get my measuring tape. It’s on the counter. Come on. I dare you.”

Alrighty! For those of you have been reading my blog for a while you know where this is going, right? And for those of you who are new around here? It’s like this. I have a major problem when it comes to Honey and his dares. I can’t help myself. I have to pick up that tossed gauntlet EVERY TIME!

So where was I? Oh yeah, the dare…

“Stay put. Don’t you think about moving those hands. I’ll go get it.”

He rolled his eyes again, but I just ignored him while I raced to get the tape.

When I returned and started to pull out the ruler I stared him down. “You didn’t move did you?”


So there’s me thinking this is going to be good. He was going to be so crushed when I proved…NOTHING. I could not believe it! The measurement was exactly 30 inches long!!!

“You cheated. Tell me how you did it.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Now, babe, don’t be such a spoil sport. I just know these things.”

There’s me trying to figure out if he had something on him or he used something or…I mean 29 inches, I could see it. 31 inches I could see that too. Even give or take a half inch, but dead-on accurate? Hell, yeah, I was going to lose sleep over figuring out how he got the air width perfect. I turned and took three steps and then swung back around.

“Show me 36. You can’t get that right.”

He lifts his hands and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle smoking an e-cigarette. He was frigging right again! By now I was frowning at him, but I wasn’t really looking at him if you know what mean. I was thinking. Still wondering how he was pulling this off when he asks, “Since you’ve got the tape measure out, would you like me show you what 12 inches looks like?

I was still distracted, so I blinked. “A foot?”

“Not exactly. It’s a little higher up on my body than that.”

Bah! It wasn’t until I saw the sparkle in his eyes that I got it.

12 inches? Yeah, right.

Honey is so bad.

And I was so stupid.

Why? I’ll tell you. Two hours later it came to me. I should have let him do that one. *Insert me slapping my forehead here* Of course as a guy, he would over exaggerate that measurement. They all do. And after he did it this time, I could have called Bullsh*t on him and negated his two previous wins.


Very sad about that missed opportunity… 😉

No worries though. I fully intend to put this one in the “to be continued” vault. One day, Honey. One. Day. Heheheh.

On another note, here’s a little snipped of Persuaded from Chapter Two.


She didn’t even get the chance to put her cell down when it chimed. Thinking it was Doctor Anderson, she answered, “Did you forget something?”

“Yes.” The deep and sexy voice that greeted her took her aback for a moment, but the second Greyson continued to speak she stumbled to a kitchen chair and sank into it. “What about the tiny bows? I was right about them, wasn’t I? I’d wager your eye is drawn to them when you check yourself out in the mirror after you’ve purchased a new ensemble. This is another reason I don’t care for those bits of satin. You’d likely expect me to be fascinated with how attractive they are. Appreciate them the way you do. But the truth is the only thing on my mind, faced with you so intimately attired, would be how fast I could get you out of it. Fuck the bows. They’d be flying like arrows when I ripped those panties off you.”

Peyton made sure when she swallowed, her tongue didn’t go with it. The man was incorrigible. She’d thought he’d be meeting with his cronies to go over the information she’d sent so they could poke holes in her theory. In fact she’d been counting on this happening, so now what? Well, for starters, he wasn’t going to get the best of her this time. The man liked to rattle cages, so she’d just have to bone up and rattle his right back.

“I don’t like bows, Mr. Maddox.” She sat ramrod straight and squeezed her eyes shut, prepared to draw out her fib. “You were right about the lace. I don’t like it. What I do like is au naturel, so if you’re into ripping things off, you’d be working with sturdier material, like my jeans and t-shirt.”

He chuckled. Soft and low. The sound didn’t need to be followed with words as it said so many things. Mysterious and sexy things. Her eyes were wide open now.

“Why are you calling Mr. Maddox. I—?”

“I thought we agreed you’d call me Greyson.”

“We haven’t agreed on anything since we met.”

“I don’t see it that way Red.”

She stood and started pacing again. “Your response? Prime example.”

“Are you saying I’m not a liar, a thief, or a bully, not necessarily in that order?”

Frowning, she halted. “No.”


See what? He couldn’t be openly admitting…? “Are you saying you are those things?”

“One hundred percent. So we do agree. Call me Greyson.”


pushed cover edge2-002

(end of excerpt)

I’m adding to our giveaway too so scroll down to see the delightful addition. 😀 If you want to check out what’s already been added click here and if you haven’t read chapter one of Persuaded you can click here. Otherwise?

Thanks for stopping by,


It’s a stripper gnome!!!


Why? Well, I’ll tell you. I have one. I named her Gerty and she gets into all kinds of mischief in our house. For long periods no one sees her and then, BAM! The one day poor Honey wakes up to finder her spectacular naked butt facing him from his bedside table.

B's Butt So I got to thinking. The lucky winner of this giveaway should have a Gerty of their own to help guard their Menorah, Christmas tree, or Festivus pole during the upcoming holiday season, no?

Thanks for stopping!


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Here’s the shiny new book trailer of PERSUADED!

October 16, 2015

Peyton is ready for anything, until he walks through the door. His name is Greyson Maddox, but she calls him trouble. Only because he is…

If you haven’t read the first chapter and would like to, click here

If you want to enter my “build a giveaway” it’s really easy. All you have to do is leave a comment on any of the “giveaway” posts I’ve already published. To find them, click here or click here and click here Every time you leave a comment your name get thrown into the hat for the big drawing shortly after release day! My subscribers are automatically included, but when they leave comments they get additional chances to win.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if you’re one of my readers and you’re waiting for this story – you’re in for a treat! The early feedback I’ve been getting about this hero and heroine has been phenomenal! I can’t wait to share them with you!


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