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June 21, 2014

Getting Close!!! Stare Her Down!!!

August 29, 2014


Here’s an excerpt:

“I like knots to stimulate pressure points. This one?” he whispered beside her ear, pressing the tie she’d complained about more intimately against her with a gentle rocking motion. “Massages pleasure points most women know nothing about. I know everything about them, and I use them to their best advantage.”

When he pulled back, Bailey opened her eyes and studied him. Something had changed. Him, her, or both of them, but things were different now. Power had shifted. He was in control and she didn’t know why. He hadn’t really done anything extreme other than be firm in his talking with her, and yet, she was feeling foolish and kind of ashamed at the way she’d complained before. She’d behaved… immature was a word that came to mind.

Yeah, because he was totally mature. Powerful. Tempting. Sort of scary which was utterly sexy somehow. She nearly sighed with that last thought. “What’s changed here?”

“I know when to be a man and when to be a Dom. I think you’ve just learned the difference.”

She nodded and tried not to squirm, but he was pressing that knot a little harder and it wasn’t so much she wanted to tell him to stop that bothered her. It was just the opposite that worried her more.

“I have roughly ten minutes left and I plan on using that time wisely. I want to get to know you.”

Her relief over hearing that was short lived when he readjusted, moving down on the bed, and easing up into a kneeling position. One look at his intense and determined expression, and she knew his idea of getting to know her was far different than hers. He wasn’t going to ask her lame questions like she’d asked him.

What did that tell her? It was time for her to be just as determined as he seemed to be. She wasn’t going to die from embarrassment as he examined the ropes, that knot—God, did he pry her cheeks open—nope, she wasn’t going to cringe or close her eyes or cry fucking pickle! She was going to be grown up about all this. An idea that she nearly abandoned when he slid his fingers against her slick folds.

“You’re wet, Bailey.” His sizzling gaze finally lifted as he searched her face. “I like that. I also like how well you’ve taken to be tied. I’m a man who knows what he wants. I understand how to get it, but it will be so much easier now that I know you’re comfortable with rope.”

She was going to say she wasn’t. That she was only trying to impress him, yet the words died in her throat. They were drowned by the silent scream of desire she had, to see what he was going to do next.

She should have known his ensuing action was going to be spectacular. She should have guessed. A guy like him…


I’ll be doing a cover reveal on September 12th. They’ll be a raffle for some $$ and a chance to win the eBook version of Stare Her Down too! The pre-order link should be up by then as well. Can’t. Wait. I’m dying for these two to meet the world!


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Wanna hear about the exciting life of an erotic romance author?

August 13, 2014



I had to share this one. Heheheh. So, Honey got home yesterday afternoon (earlier than expected) and he came into my office. Of course I was furiously typing away when he says, “You want to take a break after I clean up a bit?”

I stop and answered, “Sure.”

He went to leave and then paused. “I’m not pulling you away from an important scene am I?”

I didn’t even blink (this is bad so *I shall hang my head now*) when I replied, “No my hero’s been going down on my heroine long enough.”

He didn’t even blink (again bad – we are so bad *I was thinking*) when he said, “Ooh, ouch! He’s getting the head tap?”

(This is where it got awful and I know I’m going to hell) “Oh, yeah, no. Bailey would never to do that to Gunn, he’s like an expert. Besides, she couldn’t if she wanted to. She’s all tied up.”

*Cries laughing now that I think about it* because all he did was leave while I finished the sentence I’d been in the middle of typing prior to him coming in.That was when I really thought about that conversation! How cavalier it was. SO bad, bad, BAD!

Riley… Who’s is currently picking out her ragged and charred ensemble for her future destination. Not gonna lie, looking forward to the horns and spiked tail, but not a big fan of the heat. I wonder if Beezlebub will let me bring in a AC unit? Not like a central one or anything, just a small window unit I could strap to my trident or something. Ya think that’d fly? ;)

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Harlot or Halo Bearer? Excuse me?

August 6, 2014

angel or harlot?
So…which would you rather be? As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog, these are the tough kinds of questions I face on a regular basis living with Honey. Let me set up this conversation for you.

Honey was watching T.V last night when I went in to the family room and sat down next to him. I’d just finished writing for the day, so he magnanimously said he’d find something we both might like to watch before we hit the hay.

Tombstone it was. <- Yeah, don’t ask me, but I didn’t really care what he settled on providing it wasn’t a documentary. ;)

After a few minutes of me watching the images instead of really listening as I have a tendency to go over what I’d just written for a little bit, I see Dana Delaney standing in corset and singing by a piano. Then I see Kurt Russel walk into what I figured was the saloon, and he spots her. Now I’m paying attention so when Honey starts talking I’m half listening to him. Here’s the conversation.

“She’s not half bad. Better looking than his wife.”

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of adultery, so I frown. “He’s married and he’s checking her out like that?”

“Sure, in those days a guy didn’t live too long so he had to find comfort where and whenever he could.”

Comfort? *Insert me thinking here, if he were my husband that would be true because I’d kill him for ogling the town pump the way Russel was* I’m mentally snorting at my own sarcasm when Honey asks.

“Makes me wonder, though. If you were born in that era what kind of woman would you be? The dutiful wife or the sexy harlot?”

Hm…there’s me pondering not at all because I didn’t give a flying fig. Of course, that ambivalence only lasted until I see Russel’s wife and the clothes she was wearing. If I had to base my occupation on wardrobe I’d go with harlot. But I didn’t tell Honey that.

After a few minutes he says, “Now that I think about it? I see you as being a feisty pioneer woman who owned her own land. The kind of woman men fought over. Strong and sexy, you know?”

Aww, that was so nice, but then if I were a real pioneer woman I could fight my own battles, right? “If I were, I’d be able to take care of myself. If a guy came onto my property I’d blow his man bits to heaven.”

There’s nothing but silence for a full minute.

Me thinking about wearing a long skirt, tight top and a gun belt slung on an angle over my hips. Ooh, and shoe-boots. You know the kind. Cool western ones that are beaten up to stunning fashionista perfection. Maybe I’d have a bandana tied around my neck. Oop, and a great hat. Yeah, I love those.

And then there’s Honey…breaking the peaceful silence with…

“Oh, you mean with a gun?”

#$#@!!! I laughed my ass off as I knew what he was thinking about during the silence. While I was assembling my wardrobe he was stripping it off me. Men! *shakes head*



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Stare Her Down – The Viking – Coming soon

August 1, 2014

Gunn and rope

If you’d like to read the blurb click here

Here’s an excerpt:


“Aries, is that Jaxx?” It sure looked like her and being that Aries and she owned the property it was highly likely she was here helping out a new tenant maybe? It wasn’t Aries’ wife that caught Gunn’s attention, though. It was the new tenant.

Aries walked to the door. “Oh yeah. She’s helping a new friend of ours move in a few things. I forgot about that.”

Gunn came to stand beside him. “A friend?”

Aries slapped him on the back and said, “She’s our landscape developer. What better way to make sure the property is kept in top-notch condition, eh? We bartered. Landscape services in exchange for deeply discounting her lease.”

“Her? She’s not married? Attached? Or otherwise engaged?” Gunn’s curiosity got the best of him. Especially when Jaxx gave up pulling and paused to stretch her back because the other woman only tugged harder on the plant all by herself. The determined look on her face caught and held his interest.

“Hey man, you ever heard of the saying, don’t shit in your own backyard?

Gunn tore his eyes away from the woman and turned to him. “It’s an idiom for don’t sleep with a coworker.”

“Correction,” Aries said, going back to stacking the lengths of rope they’d brought into a corner, “it’s an idiot proof idiom for don’t fuck your neighbor. Bailey’s good people, so I don’t want you messing with her. She’d been living here for over a week. Haven’t you…?” He looked up and scowled. “How is it you aren’t in this complex ten minutes and you can zero in on a woman and in the seven months at the club you haven’t picked one yet?”

Gunn wasn’t going to insult his friend by suggesting he find some sturdier babes to play with. It wasn’t his club, nor his business. “I have particular tastes.”

Aries was down on one knee, stacking the items on the floor, when he stopped and leaned way back to see out the opened door again. “So, you like the buxom ladies?” He nodded and righted himself saying, “Probably a wise thing given your gigantic size.”

Gunn scowled and bent to help him stack. “Will you layoff the dick jokes please?”

“I was talking about your height. Ever heard the saying, God only lets things grow until they’re perfect?”

“That’s the start of a joke, not a saying. A bad joke at that.”

Aries grinned. “Why are you so moody today? Think of all the things you have to look forward to.”

Gunn stood. “I suppose you’re referring to the party on Friday?”

“Hell yeah.” Aries stood as well. “You and the groom will be the only bachelors there. And you know my brother. Gabe’s not going to do anything to fuck up his life with Lisa so that leaves you, my man. The rogue single guy in a sea of hot-to-trot and ready to please women.”

“Like I don’t have enough problems at the moment.”

“You have to start looking on the bright side of things. Have you ever heard the saying, every day brings new choices?”

“That’s not a saying. It’s a quote by Martha Beck.”

“How the fuck do you know all this shit? One day I swear I’m going to stump you.”

Gunn highly doubted it, but he kept that thought to himself as he let his friend continue to sell the Friday night bachelor party idea while he covertly kept an eye on the woman across the courtyard. She’d been living there a whole week and he hadn’t noticed her? He really did need to get out more.

End of excerpt

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