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November 21 2017

Madame Who????

January 19, 2018


First, here’s another teaser of Stolen Treasure! I love these guys! Bernie, at first blush, may seem like an innocent, but she’s got some tricks up her sleeve. Poor Payden, it takes him a while to figure out he may be in over his head. Heh.

This one will be released on the 23rd of this month! Then it’s onto Raging Fire. Already the hero and heroine of that story have captured me.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m currently working on contemporary romance too? Remember Naomi and Master X? It’s their story. That should be out in March.

*Looks right at you*

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do after the arsenic poisoning debacle. Fortunately, I’m feeling much better and my most recent tests indicate as much, so it’s all good. Yay!

Now onto a slice of Riley’s life

The first thing I’m going to share—that cracked me up, was a Honey story. *waves hand at you and rolls eyes* Yeah, I know, no surprise there, but stay with me. This made me laugh.

There I am the other night, sitting next to the guy as he’s going on about something. *Shrug* Could have been a documentary thing, or, it could have been a work thing. Point is, I wasn’t paying the least bit of attention, so when he looked at me as though I was supposed to respond, I blinked and then deflected.

Instead of giving him a reply I didn’t have, I asked, “Hey, did you get the mail? My test results might be in the pile.”

I really didn’t expect them to be in there, it was too soon, but Honey is anxious about this kind of stuff, so my devious plan worked. He forgot about me giving him the answer I didn’t have, and got up. “No, I’ll go check the box now.”

*Insert me twirling my handlebar mustache here* I SO love it when a plan comes together. 😀

And, Honey? I think he revels in bashing my well-thought-out plans all to hell!

Why, do I say? Welp, I will tell you. Two minutes later, I hear him in the kitchen and I call, “Was there anything for me?”

“No, my little dumpling, there wasn’t anything in the mail box for you.”

*Side-eyes you* Did you notice, like I did, that he put the emphasis on “in”? *Taps index fingernail on front tooth* Hmm…I wonder why? Best I find out, right?

“Honey? Is there something wrong?” This was greeted with silence until he comes into the family room and…?

Dammit. He’s got that lifted brow thing happening like Bones on Star Trek.

So, yeah, I know whatever is coming next isn’t going to be good.

“What’s up?”

“Me thinks…”

Oh, no. When he speaketh the Shakespearean English I know I’m screwed.

“… that God loves Riley. Why doth I sayeth this? It would seem He catapulted a six and half foot wrought iron Shepard’s hook from the Heavens – onto our front lawn purely for her enjoyment, and said hook almost killed her loyal husband in yonder darkness.”

*I do a double take at you* What-a-what?

But then I remember. *Snap* I found that treasure at a consignment shop when I was shopping for something else. Have I mentioned that I promised Honey that I’d stop bringing home garden stuff? No? Well, I did. Last year after I looked out at my yard and saw how desolate it had become, I attacked fixing it with a vengeance.


I bought everything whimsy for the garden beds. Seriously. I even have a solar powered birdbath. How crazy is that? It lights up at night and Honey laughed his ass off when he saw it. Then he went into a riff about how the little tweetie birds would be tip-toeing through the balmy bath at night. Doing a disco dance in the light. The tango-I could go on, because he did, but I won’t.

*Shakes head* Alas, back to the Shepard’s hook, and Honey almost losing an eye. I could have apologized or backtracked, but that’s not my style. Instead I looked right at him without blinking and said, “That was the plan. God does love me, so don’t say a word about the hook, or I’ll let him have his way and speed your to a quick demise so He can steal me.”

All Honey did was smile. Why? Because we both knew that I had no defense about bringing the hook home. I have no room for it, but it was only six bucks. If I used that argument, Honey would win, and you know I hate that – so yeah, I shamelessly invoked the threat of the Divine being. *Flicks hair behind my shoulders* Sue me. 😉

Poor Honey…

And, now for the second thing that cracked me up. It’s a little silly, but I thought I’d share because it will give you a glimpse into what a nut I am. Honey says I’m quirky. Actually, he mostly says that I’m strong, stubborn, crazy—a warrior chick with a gentle nurse Bambi side to her, that he absolutely loves.

Looks at that description and *narrows my eyes at you* Sew, let us go with charmingly nuts, shall we?

Here’s the deal. I’m running around last night before dinner. I’m doing laundry, taking the dog out for a walk, making dinner, working on the computer, sitting with Honey for our afternoon talk when he gets home, that kind of stuff, you know? But then the sun goes down and the house starts to get cold.

So, there’s me shivering all over the place. Then, on one of the trips from my office to the kitchen, I see the light scarf I wore when I took the poochie for a walk, draped over the hall bench, and I think, Meh, what the heck? I pick it up and put it on, tossing the one end over my shoulder like the Red Baron, and I continue on.

Truthfully, I forgot all about the darn thing. It did work beautifully though, because I was warm as toast when I put my mom’s dinner plate down in front of her. But then, I was left standing there frowning, because she was laughing so hard tears where coming to her eyes.

I look at Honey and he’s grinning, and there’s me thinking, What? Do I have egg on my face, or something?

Nope, it wasn’t that. Mom, pulls herself together long enough to affect a regal pose when she says, “You look like Madame Haveashit with that scarf. Maybe I should be serving you?”

That’s when I caught sight of myself in the mirror and burst out laughing. I didn’t look like a “Madame”, I looked like and idiot.

Hahaha! Man, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

I’m laughing even now, as I type this. Why you may ask? Well, instead of turning on the heat—I’ll have to blog about how much I hate doing that one day—I’m sitting at my desk with two scarves on, a blanket wrapped around me, a pair of socks on, even though I’m wearing slippers! That takes commitment, don’t you think?

Me thinks Honey might be right about the stubborn aspect of my personality. I’d rather look like The Michelin Man, than blast the heat…okay, okay, I hear you! He might be right about the crazy part too. As for me? I’m embracing the warrior chick aspect of his description, because only a soldier could continue to type in such harsh conditions!

Hm. Maybe I need another scarf. No, finger gloves. I wonder if I have some of those around? Me thinks I might have to go back to that consignment shop. I bet they’d have some there. 😀

Alrighty, here’s the next thing we’re adding to our giveaway. A “You Had Me At Spank” dog tag.

This along with these items

25.00 Amazon eGift Card

And a glass candle light holder. Love this one! It looks beautiful when it’s lit.

And, I think we’ll have one more item to add on Tuesday’s release day – Then we’ll call it a wrap on Friday. Sounds like a plan. I’ll do the drawing on the 26th – so remember.

You guys know the drill. If you’re a subscriber, you’re automatically entered, but each time you leave a comment on the blog while we’re doing the build-a-giveaway, your name gets added into the hat for more chances to win!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Hey, anyone else out there doing The Michelin Man with this cold snap?








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Stolen Treasure *Coming Soon*

January 13, 2018

Stolen Treasure is book 2 in my Mate Quest series.

This is a reverse amnesia story.

To avert a catastrophic and world-altering event, he must pull a fast one on his mated soul when she wakes up after being in a car wreck.

Instead of helping her remember the single past life she hasn’t forgotten, he convinces her of a steamy married reality with him that they never had.


This is Payden and Bernadette’s story.

I guess I should mention that this hero can sneak into his heroine’s dreams. Good thing, since he needs to seduce her, before she finds out what he did….because, you know, the reason might not be enough to outweigh the deed. *Bites bent knuckle, and cringes* I sure hope he’s charming enough… 😀


“How’s this?”

The moment she saw the large canopy bed, she smiled. “It’s gorgeous.”

“Much like you,” he whispered, and then he did something that made her pulse race. He reached out and brushed a stray lock of her hair to one side of her forehead.

It was a gentle action, but intimate somehow. It gave her a sense of familiarity. As if he’d done this a hundred times before.

When that came to her, she remained completely still, thinking that he might kiss her. Oh lord, what was she going to do? She couldn’t let him kiss her. Her heart raced, and her breath caught in her throat. She was paralyzed with an excited kind of fear. He was going to—

“Good night, honey,” was all he said, as he left her standing by herself in the huge room.

She blinked and stared at the closed door. Then once her heart rate slowed down to a normal pace, she silently berated herself. Well, Bernadette. What did you expect him to do? Turn down the bed for you after you’ve been turning him down all day?

Going to the dresser, she opened each drawer, and frowned. The dresser was filled with clothes that looked to be of a size that fit her. Once she found a night gown, she went into the bathroom and discovered there were new toothbrushes, soaps, and creams. Had Payden been expecting her to stay here?

By the time she climbed into the big bed she realized she was exhausted, but strangely all the soreness and pain she’d woken up with this morning was gone. She lifted an arm and flexed her left shoulder.

Hm. Nothing.


Turning onto her side, she snuggled into the sheets. They smelled like lemon spice, so she buried her nose into them and breathed in deeply. It was a clean, fresh scent that reminded her of him.

With a sigh, she dropped the linens and lay flat on her back, staring up at the lace ironwork of the canopy overhead.

Where was she?

This room may have been her idea of perfection, but it wasn’t hers.

She examined the shadows.

A dream.

She yawned.

But Payden was certainly real. Especially when he put his hands on her. Why couldn’t she remember? She yawned again and then decided she’d figure this out tomorrow. She was too tired tonight.

Much too tired…


Payden loved this time of night when there was only the two of them. He’d just asked her why she was twirling around in the mist.

“Because this is a dream and I can do anything I want in it.”

There were so many things he wanted to do with her while they were here. Touch. Taste. Breathe in her scent.

“Since this is your dream, what is the anything you want from me?” he whispered.

She was adorable as she almost sheepishly looked around. Was she afraid someone else was here, or did she worry she was going to wake up?

“A kiss.”

He smiled. She’d spoken so softly he figured she wanted to keep it a secret. His sweet little Bernadette who needed to come out of her shell and learn how to play with the grownups.

“What kind of a kiss?”

“The usual.”

His smile widened. The woman was faking it and he loved her more for it.

“Usual as in, standing up or lying down? Open or closed mouth? Whispers of sweet nothings or…silence?” He walked to her, stopping to leave less than the span of a single footstep between them.

She put her hand on his chest and leaned up on tip-toes. “Your usual kiss. I think I like them.”

He reached down and undid the ties at the neckline of her night gown, giving it a tug. “I think you’re right about that.”

He gave the ribbon a tug and the gown wilted off her shoulders.

This is what he loved about this time of night. After a full day of wooing her to no avail, she was his without reticence in the forest mists.

“Look a me.” He didn’t wait for her to do as he directed when he bent to capture a taste of her lips.

Sweet, soft, and more than welcoming.

“Open your mouth.”

The second she did he crowded her, pulling her in closer.

Her skin.

Velvet. Pure fucking satin that begged to be stroked and petted.

“Come her.”

He lifted her, forcing her legs to part as he held her in his arms, walking with her to the tree. It was the only oak in the mist.

“Payden,” she whispered.

He was careful when he pressed her back against the semi-smooth trunk, ducking under the low hanging branches to be secluded in the shrouded leafy alcove. There was nothing but the whispering winds swaying in a rhythmic dance all around them.

“I want to feel whole again.” She rested her forehead against his and said, “If that makes sense?”

“In body or spirit?” He qualified, rubbing her temple with his nose. Breathing in all that was her.

He was dying to press his lower half forward, but he wanted to go slowly. To gain her trust. So many people in her life needed things from her and in this instance, he wanted to be what she needed, not the other way around.

She pulled back and searched his face. He was sure there was enough moonlight for her to read his expression, and he knew she had when she spoke.

“In both. That’s when you reach the soul. I feel as though I’ve been…I’ve…”

“Been locked out of the play room?’

Her serious frown eased and she almost grinned. The small smile lurked at one side of her mouth. “Am I too serious with this?”

Now he pressed into her, finding the most sensitive part of her, and growled. “Yes. You’re much too serious. Not that I don’t understand how you feel. I do.” When her frown returned, he smiled. “I know about you, Bernie. You’re torn between what you’ve been taught and how you feel. Those two things are at war with one another. But what I want to know…”

He pressed against her, teasing her with the action until she gasped. Then he continued, “I’d like to know where the girl is that used to demand to anyone who would listen, ‘Who got to decide?’ It’s a legitimate argument to be debated, but you haven’t made the case.”

He could tell she was surprised. Her eyes widened, looking even more beautiful in the moonlight. “How do you know this about me?”

He kissed the tip of her nose. “This isn’t the first time we’ve met in the mist. Don’t you remember?”

She shook her head and his heart was dinged a little by the action.

“It doesn’t matter. We’re here now, and what I want to know is where did the girl go who loved too much? You did, you know. Even with me in the mist. That’s why I’m here. This is why I’ll always be here. I’m addicted to you, honey. I can’t stay away.”


Bernadette brushed back the hair off his forehead. She wanted to say something profound. Smart. Maybe a little edgy. This was her dream after all. Wasn’t she allowed to say whatever she wanted? Wasn’t she allowed to do whatever she wanted? Wasn’t she free to be who she wanted to be without question?

“The girl is right here, Payden. She might be caught in the middle of things beyond her control occasionally, but she’s here, believe me.”

“My belief in you. My faith. It’s what keeps me by your side. Always. In the mist and anywhere else you travel.”

She wanted this to be true. She really did. Unfortunately, things in dreams rarely ever were.

“Do you suppose I’ll feel the same way about you, given the time to remember?” It was the best she could offer. She didn’t want to offend him.

“I hate to tell you, honey.” His smile took her breath away. “Once I get started, I’m kind of hard to forget.”

She was the one who reached out to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, and then locking her ankles together and squeezing her thighs around his hips, before she purred, “Show me.”

He captured her lips the instant that dare escaped them. And all she could do is get lost in the moment.

She had this plan of being bold. Of touching and flexing on him, but that plan went by the wayside when he made good on following through with the dare.

He showed her.

The lights, the colors, and stars. The very air within her, danced, and thrilled.

She was weightless.


Shivering. Tingling from her head to her toes and back again.


He held her with one arm and used his other—his hand, to fist in her hair. Not roughly, but firmly enough that she felt the discomfort that turned into the best kind of comfort when she relaxed into it.

“Open your mouth.”

On a sigh, that was stolen by him, she did as he demanded.

She opened her mouth, letting him in more deeply. Then she closed her eyes and surrendered. That’s when she heard it.


The softest, purest, most wonderful concerto. Violins singing to a lilting pitch while a bass cut in occasionally, bringing the tempo down, until the melody had a purpose.

Was this a song for her alone? It felt that way.

She listened more intently. Giving in more surely. Enjoying all there was to touch and taste and dream.

Oh, yes, dream.

She bucked against him, pushed, pulled, rocked, climbed. Wanting to go higher. Needing to, and he seemed to know it.

“That’s my girl. Let me show you the world one breath at a time.”



Okay, so far we have a 25.00 Amazon Gift card

And now we’re going to add this. It’s a glass candle globe. I love these as they give a really brilliant and colorful shine. I like to put tealights in them, but some people put a pop-on LED light in them. Either way, this is so nice on a table, or windowsill, or something.

I’m working on another Honey post. That man! *Shakes head* In the meantime, here’s a teaser from Bernadette (Bernie) and Payden’s story.

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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The Spear of Destiny!

January 10, 2018


I kid you not! Last night Honey and I were watching Jeopardy and he’s killing it with the correct answers. *Insert me not impressed at all here*

Actually? I do, but jest. I really was thinking the guy was doing great. Unfortunately, he thought so too.

*Looks right at you* I really hated that, but what can you do?

Ooh, Ooh, *raises hand in air and does the puppy dogs eyes at you hoping to get picked to share* Pleeease let me tell you!

Thanks. Okay, here goes…

It’s simple. You just deny, ignore, and then deny again. Here’s the conversation. Mind you, this is after he got a bazillion right on Jeopardy, just saying. State of mind is everything during our discussions. Heh. And watching Jeopardy would explain the topic we arrived at, because Mr. Trebek was looking for the mountain that erupted to bury Pompeii.

Honey got that one right, Vesuvius, but it was easy – so, I just ignored him. See? Simple. Then Honey switched the station to a show I have a hard time watching. Two guys digging up a beautiful island to find treasures? *sigh* Dang, when are men going to realize the island is the treasure?

Anyway, when I complained to Honey, he tells me they are looking for religious artifacts.

*Lifts a brow at you* And that’s different? I could go into the heated discussion we had about the Knights Templar, but I won’t. Suffice it say, that Honey thinks those guys rocked because they stood up and protected all manner of things – and I happen to like them because they were warriors who believed in something greater than themselves. Hence, me thinking that the items they supposedly kept safe and then hid so that they’d continue to remain safe – should stay hidden.

Honey? Not so much. Here’s the conversation.

Honey is staring at my profile as I don’t want to look at him. I was a little miffed, and I wanted him to know it. He knew it alright. “So, what you’re telling me, Ms. Smarty-pants, is that they should stop digging?”

And at that exact moment in the show, one guy finds – after laboriously sifting through a whole bunch of dirt he dug up – a piece of pottery that was the size of a quarter…maybe.

*Pulls down my glasses and steadily eyes you*

Let me repeat that. After digging up a whole pile of dirt for some time, the “excavator” -and I use that term loosely, found a piece of glazed pottery that was the size of a quarter. He shows it to their expert who gives it a cursory look and declares that it’s from the 1700’s.

There’s me *blink, blink* How could he possibly know? And the excavator must have read my thoughts because he asks, “How do you know that?”

That’s when I hear the expert say, “I can tell by the glaze.”

Seriously? It looked like – and probably was – someone’s broken coffee mug, but whatever. I turn to Honey ready to tell him how insane this show was – when he laughs out loud. Even he got how ludicrous it was that the “crew” was speculating about who may have owned it.

After we added our two cents in about that – I suggested Captain Hook, and he said Captain Morgan would be more fun 😉 He brought up the religious artifacts again. Then he starts naming them.

“The ark of the covenant, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Chalice, the Spear of Destiny—”

And there’s me. “Hang on a minute. The Spear of what? Destiny? Sounds like Thor’s hammer, or Wonder Woman’s magic lasso.”

To which he says, “Do you mean to tell me, that a good Catholic girl like you were growing up, you never heard of the spear that supposedly pieced Christ’s ribs – delivering the final death blow?”

*Insert me, totally offended here* Hey, I was. I didn’t sit through mass every Sunday, and attend Sunday school, and Catholic school even, you know, just in case I didn’t get enough bible, to have Mr. “God and I have a special relationship” – tell me that I didn’t know my spears.

“It’s called the Holy Spear. Not some Marvel knock off for Super heroes.”

He handed me his phone. “Look it up and then we’ll talk.”

I did. Crap! *blows that annoying strand of hair out my eyes in frustration – big, HUGE frustration* Because he was right. Which, you know, was just perfect. Not really, but what could I do?

Concede you say?


Fortunately, right at that exact minute, the show gave me an out when they started to lavishly speculate about another possible item they’d found on their island. Honey was caught up listening to their suppositions – and when they were done, I shook my head.

“Man,” I said. “Those guys should have called me. I could have scripted this to be entertaining, and somewhat believable.”

Honey gave me the side-eye. “Oh, really? What’s not to believe?”

“Something plausible. Now, if we were talking about something so off-the wall – like…like…Yes! What they need are some unicorn bones or a dragon’s head. John Q Public would be all over that.”

I was expecting Honey to laugh, but you know what he did? He nodded, and then he said, “Did I ever tell you about those guys digging for gold in Alaska? They found a freaking Mastodon bone. A big mother of a one too.”

And there’s me… Blink, blink.


Because Honey didn’t give a rat’s excrement what I thought about his stupid shows – that turns out – weren’t so stupid after all. How could they be if he was learning all those Jeopardy question/answers. You know what I mean?

Ha ha! How crazy is that?

So, *looks around* How’s everyone’s New Year’s going? Good I hope. I’m planning on making 2018 a great one! You?

As always, thanks for stopping by! I’ll be finishing up our build-a-giveaway over the next two posts, so check back.





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It’s A Bird, A Plane, A Giant’s Q-Tip???

December 11, 2017

I figured I’d put that disclaimer out there because I love Santa Claus…and after he reads this I know I’ll be on his naughty list. Which isn’t so bad. I’m sure if I buy myself the right kind of gifts, the big guy will come around. *Wink, wink*

*Drum roll please*

And now without further ado, here is that post I promised. Read it and weep. Yes, weep. Seriously, you should be shedding tears of joy that you didn’t get these delivered to your house the way I did.

Check out this slice of Riley’s life…if you dare. 😉

Exhibit A

Not impressed? Take a gander.

Um, yeah. Anyways, here’s the conversation I had with my daughter about it. Please keep in mind that I ordered certain items in two separate occasions from a particular female friendly – as in very friendly online store – and the Giant’s swab was the first “Free gift” I received with purchase.

And, no, I’m not going to mention that I lucked out getting a “free gift” on account of the size of my order. BUT if I was going to share that info I would be compelled to add that it’s all for story research.

*Crosses fingers*

So, phew, good thing I don’t have to tell you that – because I’m already in enough trouble with Santie- ’nuff said, right?

Now for Exhibit B

Stunned I was…

But, wait, there’s more…

In case you haven’t guessed, this was the *Free gift* with my second order. *curls fingers and examines my fingernails, while I give you a chance to digest this*


Well, for starters, if you’re anything like me, you should be having a
Goldilocks moment here. As in, “Oh, dear me, the first vibrating phallic is too big, and the second is too small…”

*Looks right at you and lifts a dubious brow* Don’t assume there’s a happily ever after here, because there ain’t. I haven’t placed a third order. But now that I think about it? Maybe I should. You know, just for the “free gift” and to see if it’s just right.

Alright, alright, I promise to post what I get when I order.

*Looks away and that looks back at you*

You guys know me too well. Heheheh.

But back to the conversation I had with my daughter. I’m laughing right now even before I get this down. Ah, good times…

I’ll set this up, but don’t ask me what the Q-Tip was doing under the spare bed in the guest room. I think I put it there when we were renovating my closet. I SO did not want Honey to see the beast – but, yeah, you know, that didn’t work out. Especially after my daughter got involved.

*Cries laughing thinking about that*

So imagine one day, when my daughter and I are looking for the suitcases that I have a tendency to shove under beds because I love my closet space. There I am on one side of the guest bed and she’s on the other. We are both on our hands and knees scanning under  the bed when…? Yep, our eyes lock on the monster at the same time.

Seriously, I’ve never seen the girl move so fast as she did that day. She had the beast (in a box – a very clear box that made it seem more daunting) in hand so quickly I was left staring at the swinging bed skirt for a full 30 count before I unbent and our gazes locked across the width of the mattress.

She didn’t blink. “What. Is. This?”

I didn’t blink either. “A dildo.”

She did a double take and then scowled. “I know what it is, mom.”

She looked so adorable getting ready to read me the riot act, I had to say something to deflate what was sure to be another one of those, “Oh, mom” conversations. “It looks like a giant’s ear swab. His big honking Q-Tip. An audio bottle-brush, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah it does. Where did you get it?”

I wasn’t going to have that conversation with her, because she might want to see the other stuff I ordered…and that wasn’t happening.

Did I mention that I think fast on my feet? No? I do. So I stood up and said, “Oh, you wait right there. You haven’t seen the best yet. This will kill you.”

Of course, I rushed to my room and dug out none other that the Mr. Sad. This was sure to stop her from digging, you know what I’m saying?

When I returned she was sitting on the bed and I did the old “Ta-da!”

She gave me a look that said, “Oh, please,” and then she followed that up with. “Womp-womp.”

I pretended like I was offended. “What? You don’t find him attractive?”

To which she said, “No wonder the giant sprung for this.” She held up the bottle-brush monster. “He’d need it because little finger there, isn’t going to cut it when he gets wax build up.”

And you know? She had a point. To this day, I still call the sad guy, little finger. Hahaha!

There, now you know my secret. Honey still hasn’t seen Little Finger. He’d probably laugh his ass off if he did.

Such is life around Riley’s house.

You guys have anything happen like this to you before?

Share please.

Ooooh. Maybe it’s time I pass on the joy. Yeah, maybe I should wrap the bottle-brush monster and send it to my brother in-law for Christmas. That way I could be sure there’d be some awkward situation going on at their house over the holidays. If I sent it to my sis, she’d trash it and tell me it wasn’t funny — but, think about it. If I sent it to her husband to surprise her? He’d be all over that idea.

Oh, boy. Santie Clause is going to be steaming despite the cold when he hears me cooking up these kinds of ideas…

But hey, it’s not my fault. I love to spread the joy. Can I help it if I’m the one who sometimes experiences the most of it? Nope. It just happens that way. 😀

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Tomorrow? It’s back to our build-a giveaway!

Stay tuned. I’m decidedly cheerful going into the Christmas count down so anything could happen. Don’t tell Honey! 😀



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