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October 29th 2014

Honey Got Me!!!! Fred is not dead (Part 4)

October 30, 2014

How? Well, it’s like this. Yesterday was Stare Her Down release day, so Honey came home early to take me out to lunch. Yay! So we had a great lunch (I had a nice dirty martini) and all was right with the world…That is, until we finished and get up to leave. LMAO! There we were walking out. Honey has his hand on the small of my back, and everything seemed totally normal, but then he stops, and lets out a low whistle.

He looks at m and then to the right, as he says, “Well, would you look at that.”

I follow his point and THIS is what I see at a table two over from ours.



I blinked and then burst out laughing. I hadn’t forgotten about Fred, but I kind of had. Heheh. The sneaky bastard was there having lunch at the same time we were. Who da thunk? Wearing a pair of my sunglasses no less. Which reminds me. I need to get another pair! *dances out of range of jagged lightning bolts*

So, are scratching your head, like I was, trying to figure out how Fred wound up at the waterside cafe? Turns out? Honey dropped Fred off there the day before and called in a favor from a friend of his, Chef Karl, who was only too happy to oblige. He let Fred eat for free even! *shakes head* Honey cracks me up. Speaking of “cracks” this is the one that was facing me when I awoke this morning. Nice huh?

B's Butt


Meh, I haven’t seen Myrtie for a while either so I wasn’t too surprised. So now that they are back together again, I think it’s time we do a drawing for Myrtie’s cousin. She shall look just like this:


After all, a house isn’t a home until one has a “stripper gnome” of their own to bedazzle a garden, a bathroom, or in my case, a bedside table to give your significant other a good morning eye full!


I’m going to do the drawing on November 21st! If you are one of my subscribers you’re good to go. If you’re not a subscriber and you want to be – sign up anytime between now and the 21st and you’ll be good. If you don’t want to subscribe, but you’d like to be included in the contest just leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll add your name.

To be clear. The prize for this drawing is one “Dancing Stripper Gnome” to be drawn on Nov. 21st 2014. It’s open to US, Canada, UK and AU subscribers. Note: If the winner is from either of those last two countries – I will try my best to order this and get it shipped directly to you. BUT if I can’t make that work I will send you an Amazon gift card of equal value so you can buy your one smexxy Goddess. :)


Thanks for stopping by!





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The Truth

October 27, 2014

This is a bonus scene from Stare Her Down. Gunn and Bailey spend afternoons together getting to know one another so they can compete in the rigging competition. I’d say Bailey doesn’t stand a chance against a guy like Gunn, but she is surprising.




Bailey walked into Gunn’s place as she had numerous times over the last week and half, and kicked off her shoes. As usual he was waiting for her. All six-foot four-inches of him. “Hey. I was thinking about that paperwork you’re always staring at and I had an idea.”

“You were thinking about my quantum physics equation that’s been unsolvable for nearly two years?”

She was in the process of walking by him, but stopped and looked up. The guy sounded insulted. She had every reason to be thinking about his paperwork as he made her stretch out on his bed naked while he stared at it, and not at her. Not that she wanted him staring at her…but secretly she did. “Yeah, yeah. Have you tried reading it backwards?”


The frigging guy never blinked. “Da Vinci did, maybe you should try it. He was a smartie too.”

“He was an artist and he didn’t read backwards. He wrote letters backwards so they’d resemble a code.”

She went to step around him, intent on getting to his room and her usual place of repose, when his reply sank in. Stopping, she swung around. “You say artist like it’s a bad thing.”

“And you say paperwork like all I’m doing is the New York Times Sunday crossword.”

He’d be wrong there, because in her mind the times crossword? That was no cakewalk for the average Joe, so for him to make like it was? Not cool. “Look, I’m just saying we all get stuck in ruts once in a while. Sometimes—”

“Take off your clothes.”

Just like that, huh? She ignored the fact that he’d interrupted her, and asked, “Why is it every time I mention the possibility of you switching things up a little you get all moody,”

“I don’t get moody.” Either he was the best actor in the next breakout Blockbuster, or he actually believed what he was saying. Man, to have blinders like that on in life.

She shook her head. “You want me to get undressed here? And you do, by the way.”

“Yes. Take off your things and put them on the couch.”

Bailey was sure if they hadn’t made the whole getting naked thing normal between them, she’d have said no. But now that she was stripping down, it did come to her that she was the only one ever getting naked around here. “Is there ever going to be a time you get naked too?”


Once she finished undressing she turned around and asked, “Do you mind telling me when?”


There she was, standing in the middle of his living room stark naked with somewhat of an attitude, and she couldn’t think of a thing to say. What could one say to that? She was going to ask him, but then she saw the generous length of rope and got distracted.


It was almost as if he’d pulled the bundle of twine onto his lap on purpose. “Are you going to use that today?” She indicated to it because he seemed hesitant about using it with her so far in their dealings together, but then she looked up and holy God! The guy was smiling. He rarely ever smiled. The sight made her heart race and her breath catch in her throat. Anything else she was going to say was forgotten as the atmosphere around them turned heavy with expectation. Expectation of what?

“Come here.”

That. “Are you sure you want to do this right now?” It was a crazy question to ask, given that she was naked, he loved rope, and they didn’t have anything else to do at the moment. “Dumb, thing to say. Sorry.” She walked right over to him and held out her wrists.

“I think it was a legitimate question.” He ignored her proffered gesture and sat down on the arm of the couch. As he unwound the rope he pointedly stared at her hands until she got his unspoken message and dropped them to her sides. The second she did, he looked right at her, and asked, “Are you nervous?”

“A little,” she hated that her voice came out in such a soft whisper, but it couldn’t be helped. The fact that he was fully dressed in a tight black T-shirt and a pair of snug fitting pants, while she was standing there without a stitch, did something to her. In a good feminine way. If she had to name it, she’d say the way she was feeling right now was small. Maybe fragile. It didn’t matter though, because either way, whatever it was, represented something that was foreign to her. Probably why she was secretly craving more if it the longer he stared at her.

“There’s no need to be nervous, angel.” The gleam in his eyes took her breath away. “I thought we’d have a discussion about ropes.” As he spoke he found the center of the long length of twine and made an arch-type bend out of it. “Open your mouth. I’d like you to bite down on this to hold it for me while I tie the rest on you.”

When he brought it up to her lips she leaned back so quickly she almost fell.

“Whoa.” He caught her, and the feel of his powerful hands firmly wrapped around her hips, caused her to close her eyes, but then hearing his next words, she snapped them open again. “Careful. Damn, when I envisioned getting my hands on these sexy curves, this isn’t what I had in mind.”

Sexy? He had visions of her? Before she made a complete ass out of herself she refocused on the moment. “How do you expect us to have a discussion if one of us has a mouth full of rope?”

It took him a few seconds to tear his gaze away from her hips and pull her in close. Closer to him than she was before. He didn’t seem to notice, or mind, when he answered. “Discussion may have been the wrong word.”

And before she opened her mouth and did as he’d ask, biting down on the rope, she wanted to know what the right word was. “Is this going to be a lecture, then?”

“No. Those are boring and I’m not looking to put you to sleep.” The heat of his eyes drilled into her. “At least not from talking. Be a good girl and open your mouth for me.” What was she doing? It was as if she couldn’t stop herself. She did it, and then wanted to groan when a shiver skated from the top of her spine to her bottom at his whisper, “That wasn’t so hard.”

Easy for him to say. He wasn’t the one shivering and not from cold.

“I have certain methods that I thought I’d explain to you.” As he talked he fastened the jute in some kind of knot around her bicep. When he pulled a length of it horizontally across the top of her chest to her other arm, he paused. “Don’t tense up, Bailey. The action messes with my lines.”

She would have nodded if she wasn’t biting down on the rope. She imagined since it was all connected that move would mess with his lines too, so she gave him a slow blink instead. The ensuing quiet while he worked gave her time to think. She knew all about his “certain” methods. Hadn’t they been driving her crazy? Wasn’t it one of them that made the present scenario bearable? Gunn having her lie on his bed naked while he worked fully dressed took the sting out of her being naked now. She was sure of it.

“I’m going to tighten these.” He leaned forward and brought his arms around her. God, he smelled great. “Shoulders back. A little more.”

He was pressed against her. His heat and strength wrapping around her as surely as his rope. Yeah, he had methods and every one of them was doing “certain” things to her. The thought not only brought her up short, but it caused her to straighten, giving him exactly what he wanted.

“Good. Now.” He leaned back and continued to position the ropes on her, only this time he was much quicker. “This is a simple combination of bondage techniques. The classic chest tie, you see? I’ve chosen to frame each breast separately. Both are centered in a diamond pattern.” He ran a hand over the ropes, stalling to pay special attention to her nipples. “Such pretty parts to highlight.” He plucked on one hardened tip and then the other, rubbing and rolling them consecutively. Hard and then soft, creating a nice wave of sensations that rolled through her so fiercely, she moaned. The sound of which, got his attention. “All right. I’ll stop teasing and continue with my educating. Not lecturing.”

His hands were strong. Warm. Purposeful as he wound the rope around her waist and tied a perfectly centered knot just above her navel. “This is when things get interesting. I could work the rope to the right or left,” he looked up while he dragged the slack from the knot he’d made, heading south, “but how much fun would that be when the center is right here.” He tapped the edge of rope against the apex of her thighs and held her stare. “Open your legs.”

Her heart raced, thumping against her ribcage. Should she do it?


She did it. She had no choice. Those blue eyes of his had a way of compelling her to obey him. She thought he’d take the two lines of rope and tie her with them the way she’d seen in pictures. Like a rope thong with one line in one leg crease and the second one in the other, but she should have known he’d do things differently.

Holding up the two he explained, “I’m going to tie an extended pendent knot. Why? For one I find them aesthetically pleasing and for another, so will you. Not aesthetically, but pleasing.” She didn’t like the way he popped his eyebrows up when he added that. “But before we get to that, and while I have my hands full, I want to share something with you.”

She watched his fingers move effortlessly over the rope as he looped and knotted, circled and tied, turning and adjusting the twine without looking at it. How could someone be so precise without paying attention…but he was paying attention. To her.

“I happen to like a ménage. Ah,” he paused and grinned at her when she looked up, “I knew that would get your attention. All done.” He showed her the woven knot. It was beautiful. It looked like a Celtic design that was rectangular instead of square. “This goes right between your legs. This part here?” He caressed the center connection with two fingers in such a blatantly sexual way the small muscles between her legs squeezed and tightened. “Goes right over the most sensitive part of you. I’ve perfected this method to make it…well, let’s leave that to be a surprise.”

Speaking of surprises, she hadn’t forgotten about the mention of ménage. If he thought she was going to be good with that, she wasn’t.

“I can hear the wheels spinning, angel. What’s got them working overtime? This?” He bent and threaded that pendent knot through her legs, reaching around to bring the slack up behind her. She couldn’t see, but she felt him divide the two lengths. Thankfully, they trialed up over her bottom cheeks and not between them. “I’m going to tie these off at your waist back here. And now?” He sat square in front of her. “Let go of the rope.”

It was the oddest thing. She’d almost forgotten she was biting down on that loop, but now that he wanted her to stop, she was wishing she didn’t have to. It was easier being around him when she didn’t have to talk. When all she had to do was let him lead and she was free to enjoy the ride.

Ménage. Right. She opened her mouth and let the jute fall out.

With lightning speed he caught it before it collapsed. “Where was I with the education?” He didn’t wait for her to answer. He just adjusted the rope on her in certain places without moving that loop, and said, “I mentioned ménage and I should probably explain. The kind of threesome I like to enjoy is me, my woman, and this rope.”

“That’s not a ménage.”

“Why, because the rope isn’t a person? Rope can be many things. Good things, bad things and interesting things, depending on who’s controlling it. A rope moves with the flesh, it caress a woman’s body better, most times, than any man could. It hugs and squeezes, but best of all.” He stood and then bent to whisper in her ear, “It never disappoints. It never leaves your side unless it’s forced to. I want you to love my ropes. That’s why I want you to fuck this one now.”

That shiver was back skating down her spine with their close proximity. Well, that and the feel of the rope he’d tied around her doing exactly what he said it would do. Hugging her close. “You…I…that’s impossible.”

He rubbed his temple against hers and sighed, causing the heat of his breath to warm her ear. “It’s not, and I’m going to show you why.”

There were a lot of things she thought would happen, and yet not one of them did as there was no more talking. Instead Gunn crushed her to him. It was such an unexpected move, she gasped and then gasped again, when he tugged on the loop she’d previously held in her mouth, and parts of the rope tightened against her, pressing and pushing intimately into her. “Gunn…”

“Sh, sh. Let me show you.”

Maybe if he hadn’t forced her head back so he could capture her mouth she would have been able to say she didn’t want him to… the problem was, she did. The kiss was all consuming. Deep, hard and persuasive, as he overwhelmed her. That’s what he was doing. His mouth at her lips, his palms at her breasts, kneading and massaging until every part of her ached, right to the core. Then when his hands stole over the ropes, tugging in just the right spots to further drive her wild, she was lost in sensations.


Gunn loved the taste of her. There were a number of subtle nuances that drove Bailey’s actions and reactions. One of them was just the right amount of “please, someone make me do it”, and he was up for the job. “Relax against me. That’s right. Can you feel this?” He tugged the left lead ever so lightly, and when she trembled in his arms he knew he’d gotten it right.


“I want you to love the rope. Come here.” He sat on the couch and pulled her down with him, positioning her on his lap where he’d have better control. “Look at me. Relax. Let the rope slide—”


“Do you feel it, honey?” He curled down over her and captured her cries against his shoulder as he gently rocked that pendent knot over her clit, working relentlessly until she was biting his bicep and pivoting her hips to better meet the twine. “That’s a good girl. A little faster.” He looked down and watched as her hips flexed. Every time she came up the action was followed by her coming down on his lap and hard cock. It was a good kind of pain. The best as he pushed her, making her ride and slide against the rope. “You can do better than that, can’t you?”

He gathered the upper part of her into him, holding her tight, while he forced the lower part of her to move, beg and seek out more of what he had to offer.

“Let me feel it. Let me feel how hot you are for my ropes.” When his fingers connected with her heat, with all the wetness between her thighs, he whispered sliding a finger into her, “This is the best kind of ménage. You’re hugged tight, and my hands are free to fucking torture you.” He pulled the rope lead a little tighter.


“Ride it. Move. That’s right. Faster. Higher. Don’t think Bailey. Let everything go. Everything, but me.” The second he felt her start to quiver he gave the lead one more tug.

“Oh, God!”

“The ropes love you, honey. Love them back. Yes.” He kept his eyes on her glistening center as it glistened more, against the pendent knot. “Open up to them.” She did. “A little more.” She did again. And that’s when he knew he and Bailey were going to be perfect together. Now all he had to do was convince her…




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Stare Her Down Available For Pre-order!!!!

October 25, 2014


It’s available for pre-order @ 2.99 *for a limited time*** Go grab a copy quick! Here’s the buy link.

SHD promo



amazon buy link


Early reviews for Stare Her Down

“I think these two are my favorite and that’s nuts. I loved Aries and Jaxx. Now Gunn and Bailey? So much sexy, smart, fun! Highly recommend!”

“Gah! The rope scenes! Read them while you listen to the book song. Gave me chills! Must read!”

“I want a swing set, some punishment cards, and rope. I also want Gunn! What a read!”

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