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January 21 2018

Let’s Play: The Mysterious Laundry Challenge…Oh, And We Have A Giveaway Winner!

February 3, 2018


Okay, have a look at these precious Honey laundry finds.

*I shall pause here to reflect*

For those of you who are new to Honey’s laundry “specialness”, let me fill you in.

The man is a collector. Don’t ask me why. To this day, I still have fond memories of us sitting together around the campfire when we were younger, drinking beer and shooting the breeze with our friends – while I’d watch him peel his brew labels off, and stuff the paper bits in his pocket.

*Side-eyes you*

Always thought this was because he didn’t like to litter. But, well, as you can see, the man collects these work-related smalls. A screw, or nail, or…?

Yeah, I don’t want to spoil the challenge, so let me ask you this. After examining the group of items in this latest treasure trove of laundry findings, what item doesn’t belong?

Come on, look harder. You have to see what I see.

*Points right at you* Exactly! The bobby-pin. *frowns and drums fingers* Now, what do you suppose the man was using that for? Picking locks? I hope not. It’s not part of his job description. But, then, neither is collecting these little bits-and-bobs I’m stuck pulling out of the dryer on laundry day.

Those annoying clink, clink, clink, clink sounds as the dryer turns? They drive me nuts…and, funny enough, they give me nuts, and bolts, and—you get the picture. 😉

When I asked him about the hair pin…well, here’s the conversation.

“So, I did the laundry today and look what I found. Any idea why you kept this?”

Quite frankly, I’d given up asking him about the mars/morets (wire connectors), screws and gaskets. He’s a collector, remember? Which did have me worried about him taking up with collecting female hair paraphernalia. This is where I was going to have to draw the line. You know what I’m saying?

Honey doesn’t even blink. He looks at the bobby-pin, and sighs. “It was probably in the way.”

And there’s me, blink, blink. In the way? The thing was tiny. “Of what?”

“Running my fingers through my girlfriend’s hair.”

Okay, I was ready to freak out here, because I wasn’t expecting that quick comeback, but then he smiled.

“What the hell do you think it was in the way of? Try me being able to apply floor patch smoothly down at the job site.”

And, again, me blink, blink, before everything was back in proper perspective. That’ll teach me not to tease the man so much. Phew! But hey, anyone else think of the pin obstructing a clean pour on a floor patch?



Haha! His girlfriend. That man. Like he could handle two of us…he’s having a hard enough time with just me. 😀


Okay, onto the winner. Congrats! There is an email in your inbox. Please let me know you’ve received the notice, and I will post your name and the detail of our next build-a-giveaway in my next post.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope none of you are stuck chained to the washer today. Now that I’ve finished mine up, I’m toying with the idea of making a laundry collage. Wouldn’t that be neat? Say I collected Honey’s “littles” all year and thenstuck them on…I don’t know, a big tool. I could surprise him with the sculpture at Christmas. Oooh, I might be onto something here. I will keep you posted. Poor Honey.




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What kind of soup? And The Last of Our Build-a-Giveaway!

January 24, 2018

Available On Amazon

This story is the second book in my Mate Quest series. Payden is a true romantic at heart. 🙂

Alrighty. Now onto What Kind Of Soup? *Looks right at you* Honey should have known better…

Picture this. Honey calls me into the family room and says, “Jeopardy’s almost on. How about I bet you five bucks that I get the first answer.”

There’s me, thinking, Aw, the poor guy is lonely. I mean, why else would he want to forfeit a saw-buck, you know what I’m saying?

“Sure,” I said, and then sat down.

No more than two seconds later, Alex is asking the first question. Which happens to be about soup. I didn’t even blink. “What is turtle,” I call out.

Honey does a double take at me. “No way.”

*Insert me beaming here* Why?

The contestant correctly answers, “turtle”, and the rest, as they say, is history. 😉

I stood up and held out my hand. “I’ll take that fiver now.”

Bah! The look on his face? Yep, he wasn’t amused. Heheheh.

Again, poor guy.

Oh, man, don’t look at me like that. Sheesh!

I do but jest. No worried. I sat back down and finished the show with him. And, yes, he probably beat me, but to be honest. Half the time I’m thinking about my next story scene – so it’s all good. 😀

Now, for the last item in our giveaway!  I’m adding these guys. They are salt and pepper shakers. You might remember them from our last giveaway. Sometimes when I find something I really like, I’ll buy in duplicates, and this little duo? Yeah, they made the cut. Aren’t they adorable?

So we have this:

An Amazon 25.00 eGift Card.


A glass candle light


A “You Had Me At Spank” dog tag

And the two little piggies.

For those that are subscribers, your name is already in the hat. But, remember to leave a comment, because when you comment on giveaway posts, your name is added again for more chances to win. Good luck!

I’ll be doing the drawing over the weekend, so check back!

And, as always, thanks for stopping by!!!


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Madame Who????

January 19, 2018


First, here’s another teaser of Stolen Treasure! I love these guys! Bernie, at first blush, may seem like an innocent, but she’s got some tricks up her sleeve. Poor Payden, it takes him a while to figure out he may be in over his head. Heh.

This one will be released on the 23rd of this month! Then it’s onto Raging Fire. Already the hero and heroine of that story have captured me.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m currently working on contemporary romance too? Remember Naomi and Master X? It’s their story. That should be out in March.

*Looks right at you*

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do after the arsenic poisoning debacle. Fortunately, I’m feeling much better and my most recent tests indicate as much, so it’s all good. Yay!

Now onto a slice of Riley’s life

The first thing I’m going to share—that cracked me up, was a Honey story. *waves hand at you and rolls eyes* Yeah, I know, no surprise there, but stay with me. This made me laugh.

There I am the other night, sitting next to the guy as he’s going on about something. *Shrug* Could have been a documentary thing, or, it could have been a work thing. Point is, I wasn’t paying the least bit of attention, so when he looked at me as though I was supposed to respond, I blinked and then deflected.

Instead of giving him a reply I didn’t have, I asked, “Hey, did you get the mail? My test results might be in the pile.”

I really didn’t expect them to be in there, it was too soon, but Honey is anxious about this kind of stuff, so my devious plan worked. He forgot about me giving him the answer I didn’t have, and got up. “No, I’ll go check the box now.”

*Insert me twirling my handlebar mustache here* I SO love it when a plan comes together. 😀

And, Honey? I think he revels in bashing my well-thought-out plans all to hell!

Why, do I say? Welp, I will tell you. Two minutes later, I hear him in the kitchen and I call, “Was there anything for me?”

“No, my little dumpling, there wasn’t anything in the mail box for you.”

*Side-eyes you* Did you notice, like I did, that he put the emphasis on “in”? *Taps index fingernail on front tooth* Hmm…I wonder why? Best I find out, right?

“Honey? Is there something wrong?” This was greeted with silence until he comes into the family room and…?

Dammit. He’s got that lifted brow thing happening like Bones on Star Trek.

So, yeah, I know whatever is coming next isn’t going to be good.

“What’s up?”

“Me thinks…”

Oh, no. When he speaketh the Shakespearean English I know I’m screwed.

“… that God loves Riley. Why doth I sayeth this? It would seem He catapulted a six and half foot wrought iron Shepard’s hook from the Heavens – onto our front lawn purely for her enjoyment, and said hook almost killed her loyal husband in yonder darkness.”

*I do a double take at you* What-a-what?

But then I remember. *Snap* I found that treasure at a consignment shop when I was shopping for something else. Have I mentioned that I promised Honey that I’d stop bringing home garden stuff? No? Well, I did. Last year after I looked out at my yard and saw how desolate it had become, I attacked fixing it with a vengeance.


I bought everything whimsy for the garden beds. Seriously. I even have a solar powered birdbath. How crazy is that? It lights up at night and Honey laughed his ass off when he saw it. Then he went into a riff about how the little tweetie birds would be tip-toeing through the balmy bath at night. Doing a disco dance in the light. The tango-I could go on, because he did, but I won’t.

*Shakes head* Alas, back to the Shepard’s hook, and Honey almost losing an eye. I could have apologized or backtracked, but that’s not my style. Instead I looked right at him without blinking and said, “That was the plan. God does love me, so don’t say a word about the hook, or I’ll let him have his way and speed your to a quick demise so He can steal me.”

All Honey did was smile. Why? Because we both knew that I had no defense about bringing the hook home. I have no room for it, but it was only six bucks. If I used that argument, Honey would win, and you know I hate that – so yeah, I shamelessly invoked the threat of the Divine being. *Flicks hair behind my shoulders* Sue me. 😉

Poor Honey…

And, now for the second thing that cracked me up. It’s a little silly, but I thought I’d share because it will give you a glimpse into what a nut I am. Honey says I’m quirky. Actually, he mostly says that I’m strong, stubborn, crazy—a warrior chick with a gentle nurse Bambi side to her, that he absolutely loves.

Looks at that description and *narrows my eyes at you* Sew, let us go with charmingly nuts, shall we?

Here’s the deal. I’m running around last night before dinner. I’m doing laundry, taking the dog out for a walk, making dinner, working on the computer, sitting with Honey for our afternoon talk when he gets home, that kind of stuff, you know? But then the sun goes down and the house starts to get cold.

So, there’s me shivering all over the place. Then, on one of the trips from my office to the kitchen, I see the light scarf I wore when I took the poochie for a walk, draped over the hall bench, and I think, Meh, what the heck? I pick it up and put it on, tossing the one end over my shoulder like the Red Baron, and I continue on.

Truthfully, I forgot all about the darn thing. It did work beautifully though, because I was warm as toast when I put my mom’s dinner plate down in front of her. But then, I was left standing there frowning, because she was laughing so hard tears where coming to her eyes.

I look at Honey and he’s grinning, and there’s me thinking, What? Do I have egg on my face, or something?

Nope, it wasn’t that. Mom, pulls herself together long enough to affect a regal pose when she says, “You look like Madame Haveashit with that scarf. Maybe I should be serving you?”

That’s when I caught sight of myself in the mirror and burst out laughing. I didn’t look like a “Madame”, I looked like and idiot.

Hahaha! Man, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

I’m laughing even now, as I type this. Why you may ask? Well, instead of turning on the heat—I’ll have to blog about how much I hate doing that one day—I’m sitting at my desk with two scarves on, a blanket wrapped around me, a pair of socks on, even though I’m wearing slippers! That takes commitment, don’t you think?

Me thinks Honey might be right about the stubborn aspect of my personality. I’d rather look like The Michelin Man, than blast the heat…okay, okay, I hear you! He might be right about the crazy part too. As for me? I’m embracing the warrior chick aspect of his description, because only a soldier could continue to type in such harsh conditions!

Hm. Maybe I need another scarf. No, finger gloves. I wonder if I have some of those around? Me thinks I might have to go back to that consignment shop. I bet they’d have some there. 😀

Alrighty, here’s the next thing we’re adding to our giveaway. A “You Had Me At Spank” dog tag.

This along with these items

25.00 Amazon eGift Card

And a glass candle light holder. Love this one! It looks beautiful when it’s lit.

And, I think we’ll have one more item to add on Tuesday’s release day – Then we’ll call it a wrap on Friday. Sounds like a plan. I’ll do the drawing on the 26th – so remember.

You guys know the drill. If you’re a subscriber, you’re automatically entered, but each time you leave a comment on the blog while we’re doing the build-a-giveaway, your name gets added into the hat for more chances to win!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Hey, anyone else out there doing The Michelin Man with this cold snap?








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