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This is a reverse amnesia story.
January 21 2018


  • Publisher: Let Me Think Inc.
  • Series: Mate quest
  • Release Date: November 21 2017
  • Genre: Erotic paranormal romance

The choice is clear.
She can share her life, gifting half her soul to the man she loves, or she
can live her every lifetime without him.
In the 15th century, it was an easy enough sacrifice. Today, who knows what she’ll decide to do when the choice is presented?
Especially, since their last lifetime together ended tragically.
Now the waters are muddied. The bitterness and distrust of ages past have somehow been carried through to the present, which makes the task of reconnecting to her nearly impossible.
He can convince her to forgive him.
Truth be told?
What he needed to do was pull off a miracle by getting her to put her faith into his hands and love him all over again.
Only problem?
If she commits, there’s a chance they’ll break their eternal bond, lose their every future together, and be condemned to live in different worlds soulless for all eternity.

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Riley Murphy
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