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This is a reverse amnesia story.
January 21 2018


  • Publisher: Margeanne Mitchell LLC.
  • Release Date: August 29th 2017
  • Genre: erotic romance
The last thing this rough-around-the-edges guy wants to be is a Dom…until she calls him sir.

Genevieve Talbot’s business plan to marry a friend in order to obtain a green card so she may continue to reside in the United States and search for her soulmate is derailed when her prospective bridegroom goes missing. It’s while she’s searching for her much needed fiancé that fate throws her a curveball. It seems the close-knit community her friend in the lifestyle belonged to has sent their own emissary to Cape May to investigate his disappearance. Which would have been all kinds of helpful to her if their rugged investigator wasn’t her soulmate. Now she has the additional complication of trying to convince her one-and-only that he’s her man.
Color Caleb White skeptical when the missing man’s green-card-in-need-bride-to-be shares the earth-shattering news that he, not her fiancé, is her soulmate. If Caleb weren’t ready to settle down with the right woman he might have been inclined to mess with the stubborn French woman a little, but not now when he’s so close to kicking off the big life he’s got planned. A life that doesn’t include taking a detour down the altar to marry the wrong woman just so she can claim her American dream.
But then he’s blindsided by tragedy and in order to overcome it, Caleb learns his brother had to strike a deal with the Talbot woman. Suddenly he finds himself locked in the home of his dreams for the winter with the wrong woman. A sexy crackpot who’s determined to drive him crazy. With the future he always wanted stolen from him, his freedom taken, and his resolve never to intimately touch “Frenchie” being embezzled from him one sweet encounter at a time, he’s forever poised to call it quits…until she suddenly does.
Now he must decide and make a choice between taking back the personal freedom that was stolen from him, or maintain the liberty he craves to be able to touch, teach, and taunt the crazy and beautiful woman who has captured his heart.

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Riley Murphy

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