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This is a reverse amnesia story.
January 21 2018


  • Publisher: Let Me Think Inc.
  • Series: Mate Quest
  • Release Date: January 21 2018
  • eBook ISBN: B0797RXJCP
  • Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
This is a reverse amnesia story.

To avert a catastrophic and world-altering event, he must pull a fast one on his mated soul when she wakes up after being in a car wreck.
Instead of helping her remember the unattached past life she hasn’t forgotten. He convinces her of a steamy married reality with him, that they never had.

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Riley Murphy

She sighed, wishing for the life of her that she could look as confident and ready to face the world as he did now.

“I know, honey. Stuart said that this was to be expected. He felt that you needed time to recall your life as it was. After all, you were unconscious for nearly three days and there was some swelling.”

Her eyes widened. “So, I am brain damaged.”

“No,” he assured, pulling a pair of flip flops out from under his side of the bed and sliding them on. “You just need time to get better. No stress, that’s what the doctor ordered.”

“But my father, and Steven, and last night? It seems so real.”

“Steven, huh?” He sounded more curious than mad as he came to stand at the bottom of the bed. “Do you have any memories of being with him?”

“I just told you.”

“I meant intimately.”

“No.” She shot back briskly. She wasn’t that kind of a girl. She was brought up in a strict home where a girl wasn’t intimate with anyone until she was married to him.

“How about with me?” his voice lowered so huskily she couldn’t look away.

Damn, she could melt under the power of his gaze. She was melting. Her whole body got heated. Flushed and tingly.

“Surely you remember some details since we’ve been married. Some memory of us together, even a little?”

“No, I don’t remember…”

Yet even as she was in the process of denying this, a vision of the two of them came to mind. One where she stood in front of him undressing, inviting, and wanting him to join her. The image became sharper, as they were suddenly naked and entwined.

Oh Lord.

They were doing unthinkable things together.

This wasn’t real, was it? Weren’t these her fantasies? The dark and wicked ones that she’d had late at night in her small bed, where she had dreams of him, instead of Steven.

Where she’d wanted him instead of her chosen fiancé?

Wasn’t it this stranger who’d inspired her to come up with her own plan?

“You have no recollection of our times together?”

“I’m not sure.” She searched his face and got all tingly again the instant his eyes darkened.

Man, this guy could tempt an angel to pack up her halo and head south.

Had he read her thoughts? By the way he casually came around the side of the bed, holding her gaze and making her instantly breathless, she thought so.

The power that poured off him was a physical thing. Almost like an invisible hug that trapped her, but so comfortably, she didn’t want to escape.

“Well, then, it’s a good thing I’m positive enough for both of us.” He bent down, until just a breath’s span separated their lips. Whispering in a husky purr, he assured, “I have every dirty thing we’ve ever done together committed to memory, and I’d be happy to intimately remind you of all these things. Just say the word.”

Her pulse raced, and she didn’t dare blink. He shifted closer. Impossibly close. His scent was pleasing. Captivating. The earthy maleness of him was having an effect.

Oh no.

Her eyelids where becoming heavy as they languidly took longer to open. There was no blinking the telling action back.

Was he going to kiss her?

Without warning, he pulled the sheet out of her grasp and dragged his knuckles over one of her breasts.

She was too stunned to react until she shivered when he asked, “Cat got your tongue? Shall I remind you? Would you like that?”

“I…” She licked her lips and tried to find the words to deny him. Her mind was screaming no, but her body was cheering, yes please, please, please. With monumental effort she fought the urge to simply close her eyes and surrender. “It wouldn’t be—”

“It will be so right,” he interrupted her as if he’d known what she was going to say. “Like we’re discovering each other for the first time. Only this time I won’t have to break down your defenses because I already know what you like. What you’re used to. How hard you crave it, and how hot you are underneath that good-girl exterior.”


“There’s nothing to stop me. I’ve conquered your fears and overpowered your shyness.” His gaze bore into her. “You’re my everything. My wicked little angel, who hides nothing from me when she takes me to heaven in her arms each, and every night.”

He leaned in, forcing her against the mattress.

And God help her, she sank back and back some more, letting him crowd her this way.

Letting him?

She was practically begging for it…

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